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Being involved in a student organization is a great way to make friends, gain leadership skills, build your resume and most importantly, have an impact in an area of interest to you.
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Every Canfield BHP student is automatically a member of the Honors Business Association (HBA), the program's official student organization. HBA puts on more than 50 events a year which span social, professional, philanthropic and academic interests, and nearly every event is free!

In addition to HBA, there are many opportunities to get involved in Canfield BHP. 

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If you are looking for peers with the same interests as you, you may decide to join one of McCombs' student organizations. With more than 30 organizations, a mix of both social and academic, it is easy to find one that fits your interests.

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Canfield BHP Steering Committee And Ethics Board

Steering Committee
Steering Committee:

The Canfield Business Honors Program Steering Committee (SC) serves to foster and increase communication between faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Each semester the SC hosts Town Halls for Canfield BHP students to share input with the program’s faculty and staff. (Link to page under new MY section)

Student Ethics Board:

 The Ethics Board aims to promote academic integrity, and ensure all members of Canfield BHP uphold the Honor Code. It serves as a resource for students and staff on ethical issues and principles. The Ethics Board's goal is to create a strong ethical reputation for the Canfield Business Honors Program and The University of Texas, and to foster an environment of integrity.