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December 15th, 2021 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Recruiting Texas MSTC Talent

The Master of Science in Technology Commercialization (MSTC) program teaches students to identify promising new technologies, bring them to market, and create wealth in the process.

Texas McCombs MSTC graduates are excellent choices for recruiters who need expertise in product development and taking an idea from inception to the marketplace.

Get Involved With Texas McCombs MSTC

McCombs Entrepreneurship Night >

McCombs Entrepreneurship Night

At McCombs Entrepreneurship Night, you'll have the opportunity to talk with current MSTC students about full-time job opportunities or part-time internships in your organization. We have both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in our one-of-a-kind program, with students seeking opportunities in product management, product development, consulting, research & development, and mergers & acquisitions, just to name a few.
Make meaningful connections with upcoming graduates at these casual events, learning more about their unique skill-sets, and what they can bring to your company. We are currently searching for a date and location for our next event. For information or to become a sponsor, please contact MSTC.

Recruiting Opportunities

McCombs MS Interview Forum and Networking Events gives you and your organization an easy way to interact with MSTC students. Our MS Interview Forum is held in the spring to allow employers to showcase immediate hire opportunities and interview candidates prior to graduation. The networking events will be held throughout the year to provide an opportunity to connect with MSTC students more frequently and offer the students the opportunity to learn about employer opportunities.

In addition, employers can post immediate hire jobs for MSTC students year round. We encourage you to do so. In order to learn more about our recruiting opportunities, please contact MSTC.

Speaking Opportunities

Distinguished speakers visit the Texas McCombs MSTC class each month and speak to the class on various topics including patent protection, how to launch a venture, technology transfer, and more. If you'd like to be considered as a speaker for an upcoming Texas MSTC class, please contact, MSTC.


Texas McCombs MSTC participates in SXSW each year in order to make connections with potential employers and prospective students. We have a booth at the Interactive trade show. Additionally, many of our students, alumni, and faculty members are involved in a variety of ways, from attending to presenting.

If you'd like more information about how you can get involved with us, please contact, MSTC.

Start recruiting Texas MSTC Talent Today

The Texas McCombs MSTC Program is focused on technology commercialization and acquiring the skill set necessary to take a product from lab to market. Working with actual technologies throughout the intense one-year program, MSTC students are uniquely qualified in the areas of innovation and new product development. If you’re interested in learning more about the Texas McCombs MSTC Program or recruiting our talented students and alumni, please contact, MSTC, today.