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When it comes to the highest quality business research, theory and policy, the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin is a leader across the nation and a key player in the university's push to address some of society's most pressing problems. Strong academic departments are bolstered by preeminent centers with faculty who excel as topical experts and whose work influences the practice and teaching of business. To learn more about our research efforts and centers, click on the topics below.

AIM Investment Center
The AIM Investment Center is the nexus for integrating financial research, investment education and practice at the University of Texas at Austin, bringing together financial support, information resources, and intellectual capital in support of those who teach and learn, those who further knowledge in the field through research and those who use the efforts of both to enhance the practice of investment management.

Blockchain Initiative
The Blockchain Initiative at Texas McCombs has three main goals: (i) to support faculty and graduate students research on blockchain across colleges at the University of Texas at Austin; (ii) to teach students the main concepts related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital payments; (iii) to be the hub of knowledge for external relations with industry practitioners, policymakers, and media.

Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions
The Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions facilitates interaction between industry, students, and marketing faculty to enhance classroom experiences; enable real world problem solving; and facilitate faculty research opportunities. As a result, marketing students will be prepared to exceed industry expectations upon graduation, companies will have access to fresh ideas through faculty, student, and peer company interaction, Marketing will be a leading program at McCombs, and our faculty research will be informed by industry’s pressing challenges.

Center for Business Technology and Law
The Center for Business, Technology, and Law brings together the distinct but related fields of Information Technology, Business Strategy, and Law and Public Policy to study the various aspects of Electronic Commerce. The Center complements and shares joint research projects with other leading centers at the Texas Business School, including the Center for Research in Electronic Commerce, the Center for Customer Insight, the Center for Computational Finance, the Center for International Business and Education Research, and the Center for Energy Finance.

Center for Global Business
The University of Texas at Austin's Center for Global Business develops and supports internationalization within the McCombs School of Business, provides international business learning opportunities throughout the University, and serves as a change agent for internationalization of business education across the U.S. The Center fosters exchange programs for McCombs students, provides research and teaching programs for faculty members, designs international courses for the McCombs curriculum, and conducts outreach programs to businesses and academic institutions throughout the country.

Center for Leadership and Ethics
The Center for Leadership and Ethics (CLE) focuses on stimulating original research, developing unconventional and powerful educational programs, and facilitating connections among students, alumni, the business community, faculty, and staff. The Center has initiated over twenty-five distinct programs across research, teaching, and business community integration. Activities include curricular redesign, co-curricular program development, business partnerships, and sponsored research.

Center for Analytics and Transformative Technologies
The Center for Analytics and Transformative Technologies (CATT) fosters interaction and collaboration among faculty, industry leaders, and students to understand and address significant business problems of value to both industry and academia. The Center was created in collaboration with USAA to serve as the primary hub for research at the school.

Center for Research in Electronic Commerce
The Center for Research in Electronic Commerce engages in interdisciplinary research focusing on developing technologies and applications that increase business productivity, consumer satisfaction, market efficiency, society's welfare and the effectiveness of government policies. The scope of the Center's research covers a broad range of activities characterized by the use of enabling digital technologies in communications infrastructure, computer and other enabling technologies that lay the foundation of the market. This foundation allows innovative digital processes (like intranets, extranets, virtual firms, online search and marketing, online auctions and market-making mechanisms, logistics-based distribution and real time consumption) and products (digital currency, smart products and remote/real-time services) to enhance, and replace, physical processes and products.

Center for Risk Management and Insurance
The Center for Risk Management and Insurance conducts and disseminates research relevant to the operational concerns and public policy implications of risk analysis and risk management. The mission of the center is to be the premier independent research resource for public policy decision makers within the state of Texas for issues related to risk, its analysis and management. The Center provides independent unbiased analysis of public policy issues related to insurance and risk, as well as rigorous examination of issues involving risk, uncertainty and insurance.

Energy Management Program
The Energy Management Program (EMP) is an AAPL (American Association of Professional Landmen) accredited undergraduate program of study in Energy Management for students across all disciplines. The program combines traditional academic coursework with practical knowledge and experiences to provide insight into one of the world's most vital and volatile industries.

Financial Education and Research Center
The Financial Education and Research Center is a state-of-the-art trading, research and teaching facility in the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. Its mission is to: assist students, faculty, executives and the community to better understand the growing flow of financial data and to manage the impact of that flow on financial markets; enable center users to participate in the development of new applications of information technology to finance; and provide technology resources and technical support for various centers across McCombs School of Business.

Healthcare Innovation Initiative
The Healthcare Innovation Initiative is a campus-wide initiative, led by the McCombs School of Business, to develop programs that will help society address the challenges of healthcare delivery and to create a community of scholarship on topics at the intersection of healthcare delivery, innovation, and information.

Herb Kelleher Entrepreneurship Center
Since 2001, Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship, Growth and Renewal has been dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation at The University of Texas at Austin. Its mission is to create the finest academic research and teaching center focused on entrepreneurship in the United States. To that end, the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship brings together University resources, leading entrepreneurs, innovative industry partners, students and faculty from multiple disciplines and multiple colleges and universities to develop and communicate new knowledge about entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process, publish case studies in current entrepreneurship, develop and deliver outstanding program in entrepreneurship, and encourage and facilitate the development of successful entrepreneurs.

Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Center for Private Equity Finance
The purpose of the Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Center is to support curriculum development in a private equity specialization in the McCombs School MBA program. The center also fosters research and scholarship by finance faculty and graduate students on issues related to private equity finance, capital markets, corporate finance, investments, real estate, and other associated matter.

McCombs Energy Initiative
The Energy@McCombs initiative aims to find new and innovative ways to meet our increasing demand for energy in a responsible, effective matter.  By encouraging professional collaboration, promoting honest debate and offering educational resources to the leaders of tomorrow, Energy@McCombs is working toward a better, brighter, and more efficient future for energy consumers around the world. In tandem with Energy@McCombs, the KBH Energy Center is a joint initiative among the School of Law and the School of Business.  It aims to provide the finest educational opportunities in the United States to students who wish to pursue careers in energy and to serve as a nexus for incisive, unbiased, and relevant research and analyses for policy makers, with a special emphasis on Latin America.

Real Estate Center
The Texas McCombs Real Estate Center takes advantage of exceptional faculty to cultivate cutting-edge research and curricula on finance-related real estate issues, like the valuation of mortgage-backed securities, the financial structure of real estate investment trusts, the agency issues associated with real estate financing agreements, and the efficiency of real estate investment markets.

Supply Chain Management Center
The Supply Chain Management Center brings together financial resources, executives from leading corporations, and faculty and students from multiple disciplines in the McCombs School of Business to develop and communicate new knowledge about supply chain management, conduct and publish research findings, facilitate the development of outstanding academic programs in supply chain management, enable “real world” problem solving for our industry partners, and encourage the development of future industry and academic leaders in this field.

Global Sustainability Leadership Institute
The Global Sustainability Leadership Institute, formerly known as the Social Innovation Initiative, acts as UT-Austin’s hub on campus for innovation in social and environmental impact. The Institute is managed by The McCombs School of Business and is built in partnership with The Moody College of Communication. Our work focuses on corporate sustainability, sustainable finance, impact innovation and infrastructure, and sustainability communications.

Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs
Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs at The University of Texas at Austin is a university-wide initiative to support technology commercialization, entrepreneurship, and innovation while providing a unique and directly applicable educational experience for participating graduate students. Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs provides the intellectual horsepower to promote new venture creation through education and mentoring; market and business plan validation; team building and networking; and direct links to resources and funding.

Wealth Management Program

The Wealth Management Program advances curriculum development in Wealth Management at the University. Our students will start with a foundation of strong business training that will be complemented with hard and soft skill training relevant to the industry. We aim to connect the academic community with the Wealth Management industry, creating a unique opportunity to train the next generation of Wealth Management professionals, lead cutting-edge research in the field and convene a forum for Wealth Management professionals to network and innovate alongside faculty.