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Research Mission

Research is our core activity, providing the scaffolding upon which our teaching and corporate partnerships are built. The center aims to do research that impacts leadership, explains phenomena and provides practical solutions for organization problems. There are three specific sets of activities that contribute to the research mission for the center.  First, the CLE sponsors funding for Ph.D. student dissertations. Second, the center has curated corporate partnerships that enable faculty to conduct industry relevant research.  Third, the center partners with organizations on applied research projects (e.g., analyzing engagement surveys) led by our BBA and MBA students.  This provides a larger funnel for more rigorous research collaborations in the future.

Direct Impact

  • Enhancing academic research and teaching, providing data that fuels faculty led research initiatives.
  • Advising the Center Directors in curriculum and program development across all degree programs.
  • Enhanced recruiting visibility and access to students through research projects.

Research Opportunities

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Research sponsorship with the Center allows our corporate partners the opportunity to engage with the University of Texas at Austin, a tier one research institution, with access to objective and academic quality research.  Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships between industry and academia that will lead to deep, yet practical insights to help companies navigate their most pressing challenges.  Partnering companies obtain independently compiled, real data on their company in the areas of corporate culture, communication effectiveness, employee engagement and performance. Additionally, corporate partners will discover answers to questions that translate complex analyses into readily-accessible and actionable best practices.

Sponsorship opportunities vary in cost relative to the length and scope of the research project. Please email Ethan Burris to discuss further.

Current and Recent Research Projects

  •  The most effective strategies for employees to
    voice their ideas, accumulate support, and improve their performance.
  • How patterns of communication networks can enable engagement, reduce turnover, and spur innovation within teams.
  • The impact of unconscious bias in assigning credit for innovative ideas and identifying high-potential employees.
  • Predicting a leader's transformational leadership performance by their ability to gauge group emotions.