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Dell Medical School

Dell Med's Health Leadership Apprentice Program is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Apply for a 10-week apprentice program designed to provide aspiring health care leaders with a unique experience working in a health system devoted to transforming the way people get and stay healthy. Internships now available every semester, including summer. For more information, see:

New! - MD Anderson Revenue Cycle Internships (non-paid)

We are excited to be working with MD Anderson to create the first internship program for our Business of Healthcare students and health care MBAs! This internship opportunity at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center serves as an education platform to introduce graduate and undergraduate students to revenue cycle functions, processes, and metrics used across the organization to continuously improve financial health, competitiveness, and performance.  The goal is to deliver a broad educational experience of the revenue cycle, while offering specific deliverables with operational tasks, continuous improvement efforts or new projects.

MD Anderson Revenue Cycle and Finance teams will offer many internship opportunities as long as there is resource capacity to support the intern’s education experience.  The Revenue Cycle intern will be eligible for an internship during any semester as long as the internship opportunity does not interfere with the student’s primary academic responsibilities.  The student must coordinate all internship interest through their specific academic counselor, program, or department.  MD Anderson does not determine nor delegate the academic requirements for the internship rotation. 

To see a full list of job functions, check out the PDF.

To Apply (attach cover letter and résumé):

Apply Here

Kaiser-Permanente Internship Program

Kaiser-Permanente offers internships in a variety of settings and locations, from business functions, IT, to clinical. You can learn more about the various internship opportunities here.  

Video Production - Austin Medical-Legal Partnership

Austin Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) integrates legal care into group prenatal care visits in order to address adverse experiences that can harm mother and baby before, during, and after birth. They are seeking a video production intern to assist in the evolution of its one-of-a-kind Prenatal Legal Checkup into a video series. The intern will work with an Austin MLP attorney to create video content, produce animated video segments on legal topics, as well as assist with managing the overall logistics of video creation. The intern will be compensated with a one-time $2,500 stipend for a term-time internship to begin August 2018 and conclude April 2019. To submit your application, email with the subject line "2018 Video Production Intern."


What's next?

Accountant(s) - St. Davids (Main)

St. Davids main has 5 open accounting positions, with more potential jobs in the future as they take over the books of two additional facilities. To learn more and apply go to

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants


HIMSS Association (Austin) is offering 6 scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a program related to the health information and management systems field. Deadline to apply May 15th: Click here for more information.

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Eesha Sasumana

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