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About Us

Operations Fellows is the premier organization for MBA students who are committed to pursuing leadership roles in the fields of operations management, supply chain, and business strategy.

Gain invaluable real-world experience and access to industry leaders, while increasing the prominence of the program and building a legacy for future.

  • Unparalleled exposure to networking opportunities and business leaders
  • Experiential learning through real-world consulting projects and company visits
  • Access to Operations Fellows alumni
  • Opportunity to mentor undergraduate supply chain students

Class Timeline

Class Timeline


Executive Speakers

Executive Speakers

We invite leaderships and experts from different industries to share their management experience and new trends on Supply Chain Operations. Fellows will have chances to interact with them and get exposure to these companies.

Practicum Course

Practicum Course

Real-world consulting projects provide hands-on experience in operational strategy, process analysis and design, supply-chain management and total quality management.

Operations Fellows are required to enroll in the Operations Practicum during the spring semester of their first year. Signed NDAs are required for this class.

Operations Challenge

Operations Challenge

The SCMC Roundtable and MBA Operations Challenge offers a supply chain experience involving real-world issues faced by industry. Teams of four students will take on a live supply chain case and present their strategies to a panel of cross-industry judges.

This event gives students the opportunity to display their creativity, teamwork, and business acumen to employers, while leaving ample time for networking and career discussions. During the roundtable, industry leaders will discuss supply chain issues and breakthroughs that impact their businesses.

Company Tour

Company Tour

The purpose of company tour is to provide students the opportunity to learn real-world business supply chain management by meeting and interacting with the companies and access internship and job opportunities.

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Current Fellows

Meet the Current Fellows

Class of 2021 Officers

President – Jake Cartier
VP Case Challenge – Sujian Luo
VP External Affairs – Clara Tran
VP Operations – Siobhan MacDonald
VP Programming – Brenda Garcia
VP Recruiting – Susan Alvarez


Headshot for Michael Alvarez, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Michael Alvarez

Headshot for Susan Alvarez, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Susan Alvarez

Headshot for Sarah Butt, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Sarah Butt

Headshot for Kelsi Carrick, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Kelsi Carrick

Headshot for Jake Cartier, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Jake Cartier

Headshot for Brenda Garcia, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Brenda Garcia

Headshot for Diana Lainez, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Diana Lainez

Headshot for Sujian Luo, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Sujian Luo

Headshot for Siobhan MacDonald, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Siobhan MacDonald

Headshot for Colin Morris, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Colin Morris

Headshot for Chika Okafor, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Chika Okafor

Headshot for Yi Pan, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Yi Pan

Headshot for Kelly Pettit, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Kelly Pettit

Headshot for Richard Romeo, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Richard Romeo

Jonathan Ruud 

Jonathan Ruud

Shirley Shin 

Shirley Shin

Headshot for Cheng Su, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Cheng Su

Headshot for Charlotte Thomas, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Charlotte Thomas

Headshot for Clara Tran, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Clara Tran

Headshot for Carlos Trevino, Operations Fellows Class of 2021 

Carlos Trevino

Join Us

Join Us

The goal of the application process is to gauge individual’s interest in Operations Fellows, expected contributions, ideas to improve the program, and intent to make a lasting impact within the program.

Students are selected based on previous professional experience, academic accomplishments, leadership ability, teamwork and communication skills, and desire to professionally represent the Texas McCombs MBA program.

Application Requirements

  • Resume
  • Business Photo (professional headshot)
  • Short answer to the following questions (max 200 words each)
    • Why do you want to be part of the Operations Fellows program?
    • Why do you believe you would be a good Operations Fellow?
    • If selected, how would you contribute to improve the Operations Fellows program?


  • Combine files into one (1) PDF document titled "Operations Fellows_YourFullName_2022.pdf"
  • Submit to with subject line: "Operations Fellows Application 2022: Your Full Name"
  • Application deadline - coming soon

Application / Interview Timeline

  • Application period start - TBD
  • Application period end - TBD
  • Interviewees notified - TBD
  • Interview period - TBD
  • Class of 2022 notified - TBD
  • Class of 2022 orientation meeting - TBD

Mentorship Program

Be a mentor for a member of the undergraduate Supply Chain Management Student Organization

Fall semester

Industry Connections

Access to cross-industry networking

Expanding alumni network