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    Texas BPP

    Enhance your degree.
    Add public policy expertise.
    Gain practical business knowledge.


Program Requirements

The Texas BPP program requires six distinct courses totaling 18 semester hours.  The requirements are divided into two categories as follow:

Required Courses (12-15 hours)
Students must take:
  • GOV 312L – Issues and policies in American Government (may include the Washington Campus section of this course)
  • At least three of the following five BGS courses:
    • BGS 371 - Corporate Political Strategy
    • BGS 372 - Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
    • BGS 373 - Strategic Corporate Communication
    • BGS 374 - Global Political Economy
    • BGS 370 - Business and Policy in the Age of Inequality

Elective Courses (3-6 hours).  If students have taken four of the five BGS courses listed above, then they only need to take one of the following electives.  However, if they have only taken three of the five BGS courses listed above, then they must take two of the following electives:

Elective Course List

ADV 353/PR353 – Advertising & Public Relations Law & Ethics
AMS 310 – Introduction to American Studies
AMS 311S – Consumer Culture in America
AMS 321 – Asian American Jurisprudence
BGS 325 – Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Business
BGS 370.2 - Ethics, CSR, and Service Learning
BGS 370.1 – Energy Technology & Policy
CMS 342K – Political Communication
ECO 321 – Public Economics
ECO 341K – Introduction to Econometrics
ECO 333K – Development Economics
ECO 334K – Urban Economics
ECO 339K – International Trade and Investment
ECO 351K – Current Issues in Business Economics
FIN 371M – Money and Capital Markets
FIN 372 – Environmental, Social & Governance Investing
GOV 325 – Political Parties
GOV 351D – Theoretic Foundations of Modern Politics
GOV 357M – Constitutional Structures of Power
GOV 358 – Introduction to Public Policy
GOV 360N – Global Governance
GOV 365N – Issues in Third World Development
GOV 370L – Politics of Food in America
GOV 370L – The United States Congress
GOV 379S – Money in Politics
HIS 350L – History of Imperialism
IB 320F Foundations of International Business or IB 350/EUS 348– International Trade
LEB 320F – Foundations of the Legal and Ethical Environment of Business or
LEB 323/323H – Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
LEB 363 – Real Estate Law
LEB 370.1 – Antitrust Law
LEB 370.2 – Environmental Law
LEB 370.3 – Employer-Employee Relations
LEB 370.5 – Law & the Multinational Corporation
LEB 370.18 – Oil & Gas Law
PHL 325L – Business, Ethics & Public Policy
PR 305 – Fundamentals of Public Relations
PR 317 – Writing for Public Relations
PR 319 – Principles of Public Relations
PR 352 – Strategies in Public Relations
PR 367 – Integrated Communications Management
PR 378.5 – Integrated Communications for Nonprofit Organizations

More Information

The courses necessary to obtain the Texas BPP certification may have additional prerequisites and admission to the program is required as a condition of enrollment in some courses. It typically requires a minimum of two long semesters to complete the 18 hours of Business & Public Policy Certificate classes due to availability and sequencing.

Curriculum Schedule & Planning

At this time, BGS 371 and 374 are offered only in the spring, BGS 372 and BGS 373 are offered only in the fall. GOV 312L is offered through the year. BGS 371, 372, 373 and 374 are not offered in the summer.