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About the IROM Department

The Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management (IROM) consists of three academic disciplines: Information Management, Operations Management and Risk Analysis and Decision Making. The IROM Department has several outstanding and nationally ranked programs including the Undergraduate Management Information Systems program (#5 by U.S. News and World Report), the MBA Information Systems program (#3 by U.S. News), the Undergraduate Product/Operations Management program (#11 by U.S. News), and the MBA Productions/Operations Management program (#13 by U.S. News).

The IROM Department highly values both research and teaching. IROM faculty research can be seen in varied publications, including the Wall Street Journal (Andrew Whinston), CIO Network on Forbes (Anitesh Barua), and Management Science (Steve Gilbert). The department boasts the "most influential researcher in the field of management information systems" in Andrew Whinston, as identified by the h-Index for Management Information Systems. Two more IROM faculty, Sirkka Jarvenpaa and Anitesh Barua, were also ranked in this study.

IROM Rankings


  • #5 Management Information Systems, U.S. News (2018)
  • #6 Insurance/Risk Management, U.S. News (2018)
  • #9 Supply Chain Management, U.S. News (2018)
  • #9 Productions/Operations Management, U.S. News (2018)
  • #9 Quantitative Analysis, U.S. News (2018)


  • #3 Information Systems, U.S. News (2018)
  • #1 Information Systems, College Choice (2016)
  • #13 Productions/Operations, U.S. News (2017)
  • #8 Supply Chain Management, Gartner (2014)
  • #6 Supply Chain Management, SCM World (2016)
  • #15 Supply Chain/Logistics, U.S. News (2017) Note: This is the 9th year this has been in top-20
  • #5 MSBA, Financial Engineer Times (2016)