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Program Requirements

The Risk Management Certificate (RMC) Program requires eighteen semester hours of coursework as described below. Twelve hours are business coursework: six hours of risk management, three hours of accounting, and three hours of finance. An additional six elective hours relevant to risk management are selected by the student, with a maximum of 3 hours allowed from the McCombs School of Business. 

 Required Courses (12 hours)

  • RM 357E Introduction to Risk Management, or URB 351.6 Introduction to Risk Management
  • RM 377 Property-Liability Risk Management and Planning, or RM 369K Managing Employee Risks and Benefits
  • ACC 310F Foundations of Accounting (for non-business students), or ACC 311 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, or ACC 311H Fundamentals of Accounting-Honors
  • FIN 320F Foundations of Finance (for non-business students), or FIN 357 Business Finance, or FIN 357H Business Finance-Honors

 Elective Courses (6 hours)

Choose two of the following courses; no more than one can be a course offered by the McCombs School of Business. RMC students must be able to enroll in an elective through their majors and have the required prerequisites - the RMC Program cannot grant or request exceptions to restricted courses, or to prerequisites for elective courses. 

  • RM 377 Property-Liability Risk Management Planning, or RM 369K Managing Employee Risks and Benefits
    • Take course that was not used to fulfill certificate requirement above.
  • M 329F Theory of Interest or ACF 329 Theory of Interest
  • CMS 354 Conflict Resolution
  • CMS 371K Practicum in Conflict Mediation
  • Any three hours lower- or upper-division Economics (ECO)
  • FIN 377.2 Financial Risk Management
  • Any three hours upper-division Legal Environment of Business (LEB)
  • M 339D Introduction to Financial Mathematics for Actuaries
  • M 339J Probability Models with Actuarial Applications
  • M 339U Actuarial Contingent Payments I
  • M 339V Actuarial Contingent Payments II
  • M 339W Financial Mathematics for Actuarial Applications
  • M 349P Actuarial Statistical Estimates
  • MKT 372 Reputational Risk and Crisis Management

More Information

Other courses may be considered for substitution, as approved by the RMC Program. Courses dealing with conflict resolution, health management, health infrastructure, public policy, governmental regulation, risk management, or security are likely candidates. 

At least half of the required coursework (nine hours) must be completed in residence at The University of Texas at Austin. Students have up to one year after graduation to complete certificate coursework.  A maximum of nine hours of coursework may be taken after the student has earned their undergraduate degree. 

Students must satisfy the courses used to fulfill certificate requirements on the letter-grade basis. Students must earn a combined grade point average of at least a 2.00 in these courses.

Please contact for additional questions and further information.