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Business Engineering Association - The focus of The Business Engineering Association (BEA) is to prepare members for success in corporate America by educating members about the importance of combining business and technical skills.

The University of Texas MIS Association - The Management of Information Systems Association (MISA) at McCombs School of Business is a collection of students interested in careers relating to Information Technology. We connect MIS students at McCombs with other like-minded individuals, and we host networking events to provide McCombs students with exposure to MIS recruiters.

Supply Chain Management Student Organization

Graduate Business Technology Group - Business Technology Group provides educational, career, and networking opportunities for students who are interested in the high-tech sector or business areas that are strategically impacted by information technology. Business Technology Group works with the faculty and administration of the McCombs School of Business to formulate a world class curriculum for the Information Management Concentration of the McCombs MBA.

Graduate Operations Group - Graduate Operations Group is an organization of McCombs MBA students who share a common interest in Operations Management. An understanding of operations management is central to understanding the value-add chain of any industry. You, as an MBA, will be responsible for understanding the value-add chain of whatever industry you choose to work in. So it is never too late to start learning about operations! GOG is focused on the needs of its members, and we readily encourage member involvement in various projects and activities. From factory/plant tours and guest speakers panels to social mixers, we will strive to cater to you interests and make your suggestions happen.

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