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Student Organizations

Student Organizations
McCombs provides tons of opportunities to our students to help them tailor their MBA experience. Student organizations open doors to relationships, leadership development, professional growth, increased understanding and just plain fun. With so many different organizations to choose from, it’s easy to find whatever you're into at McCombs.

    The Adam Smith Society is a community of business school students and alumni who believe that business, entrepreneurship, and commerce are wellsprings that keep this country vibrant, creative, prosperous, and free. Our members are dedicated to exploring the links among the economy, government, and society through rigorous debate and discussion. The Society aims to build an influential network of future business leaders dedicated to preserving and strengthening the free-market economic system.
    Founded in 1985, the BGBA is built on the achievements of its membership. BGBA members represent a variety of academic concentrations and political, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. Members’ business interests range from the public to the private sector, entrepreneurship, and national and international markets in various areas of the business world. A professional organization of predominantly African-American students pursuing an MBA or Ph.D., the BGBA’s purpose is to provide a nexus through fellowship to broaden, enhance and promote the successful futures of its members.

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    The China Business Association is dedicated to establishing and strengthening both the business and cultural relationship between Texas MBAs and China. The organization works to improve the overall environment of Chinese business students and fosters networking opportunities with students from other schools and alumni. The group welcomes all students interested in Chinese business or culture.

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    The CleanTech Group at McCombs is an MBA student organization whose mission is to foster a community of MBA students passionate about environmental sustainability and to support their efforts to address global energy and environmental challenges by facilitating educational, networking, and recruiting opportunities in a range of business functions across the energy and environmental sectors. CTG organizes talks, leads treks to visit with clean tech companies around the country, goes on field trips to see energy in action, hosts happy hours and other social events, supports the Clean Tech Concentrations and CleanTech Fellows program, keeps its members informed about developments in the marketplace and opportunities to get involved on and off campus, and is always open to new ideas and ways to impact our clean energy future.

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    The Energy Finance Group has three primary support roles for the concentration in energy finance: 1) providing program support for industry, practicum and independent research; 2) promoting the program to prospective students, current students and industry recruiters; 3) facilitating interaction between the faculty, students, and industry leaders through professional, social and academic events.

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    The Entrepreneur Society’s mission is to advance understanding of startups or self-run companies. In conjunction with the outstanding faculty and curriculum offered by McCombs, the Entrepreneur Society provides resources for the would-be entrepreneur to pick up the necessary skills for starting a business and to network with others for assistance, guidance or to simply share their passion for creating a business. The Entrepreneur Society is a student organization made up of students and alumni from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin and budding entrepreneurs in the Austin area. The goal of the organization is to use its network and guidance to equip its members with the leadership skills to successfully manage a business or business unit.

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    eQual MBAs is a social and career networking group for MBAs who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, or just a friend or supporter of the LGBTQ community. eQual MBAs works to promote awareness of the LGBTQ community among current and prospective students at the McCombs School of Business, and to keep affiliated alumni connected to the organization. Additionally, we provide our membership with networking opportunities with companies who seek to recruit LGBTQ employees.

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    GBAT was formed to provide training support, education and —when necessary—motivation for MBA students and faculty with an interest in multi-sport events and/or adventure racing. GBAT’s activities include regular training events such as open water swimming at Barton Springs, road and mountain bike rides throughout the Hill Country, as well as a speaker series that includes discussions on nutrition, injury prevention and open discussions with “celebrity” multi-sport athletes. GBAT provides outlets for students to remain physically active throughout the school year. GBAT aims to create a complete graduate school experience while promoting a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

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    The Graduate Business Council (GBC) is the student government for all students enrolled in MBA degree programs at McCombs. The mission of the Graduate Business Council is to provide a forum for students to directly impact administrative policy matters while overseeing the development and maintenance of a strong sense of community and pride within the McCombs School. Annual elections determine who will be the future face of the GBC. The Graduate Business Council puts on many events throughout the year, including MBA Tailgates before each home football game, weekly Think 'n Drink events, MBA Spring Formal, MBA Revue, various community service events, an annual bowling competition, and the MBA Applause Awards, which honor outstanding McCombs faculty. 

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    The Graduate Business Technology Group provides educational, career, and networking opportunities for students who are interested in the high-tech sector or business areas that are strategically impacted by information technology. This organization understands that tomorrow’s business leaders must embrace technology and apply that knowledge in making their corporations succeed. GBTG co-hosts the annual Tech-Ops Challenge. GBTG works with the faculty and administration of the McCombs School of Business to formulate a world class curriculum for the Information Management Concentration of the McCombs MBA. GBTG organizes academic events like speaker series, industry tours, luncheons with professors and a case challenge competition, providing a wonderful platform for students to network with other students, faculty, alumni and recruiters.

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    The Graduate Business Wine Club was established to give students the opportunity to gain an education in libation, network while tasting a variety of wines from different grapes and regions, and provide an open forum to discuss the various aspects of the industry.

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    The mission of the GCG is to assist students interested in a consulting career. A wide variety of student-run activities, including the Consulting Case Challenge, are designed to educate members about the industry and prepare members for their consulting career by providing intense case interview practice and company data. The GCG also represents Texas MBA issues and needs to consulting firm sponsors and recruiters. GCG works to furnish students with the tools necessary to build successful careers in consulting, and enable them to build long lasting relationships with consulting firms and organizations.

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    The Graduate Epicurean Club loves food and people who love food. We aim to help connect the McCombs Community by exploring Austin to find great food, learn about the restaurant industry, and expand horizons by experiencing new trends in fine dining and different cultures.

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    The Graduate Finance Association prepares students for various careers in finance, including corporate finance, investment and commercial banking and investment management. The GFA sponsors the Finance Challenge, an exciting three-day open event in which teams of MBAs present solutions to a complex financial case study. The GFA also coordinates two trips to New York City to meet with various firms and plans a number of social events and speaker panels over the course of the year.

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    The Graduate Marketing Network (GMN) provides members with the tools and resources to connect them to their marketing interests and help them discover new ones. Through hands on experiences, cutting edge speakers and innovative workshops, GMN provides its members with a current perspective on marketing and prepares them for successful futures as marketing professionals.

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    GOG is dedicated to promoting and creating awareness of the Supply Chain and Operations Management concentration at McCombs. The organization works to assists those who want to balance out their MBA with knowledge of project management, supply chain, quality initiatives and process improvement. The goal of the organization is to help members gain a greater exposure to the operations field through a series of factory tours, speakers and the annual Tech-Ops Challenge. It also assists its members in their internship and full-time employment searches.

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    The Graduate Real Estate Society works in coordination with the Real Estate Finance and Investment Center (REFIC) at The University of Texas at Austin to organize, educate, encourage, and assist students with future careers in real estate. GRES enables students to network with other students interested in real estate, as well as exposure to faculty, alumni, and recruiters in the real estate industry. Each fall semester, GRES sponsors the National Real Estate Challenge, the original and premier MBA real estate challenge in the country, which brings teams from 20 of the top ranked MBA programs to Austin. GRES also sponsors a spring golf tournament, project tours, guest speakers, and seminars throughout the year.

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    GWIB strives to improve the visibility of women at McCombs, to offer career development resources to members, provide opportunities for members to enhance the skills they need to remain competitive in the marketplace, be an informational resource for prospective McCombs students, assist organizations serving women in our community, connect our members to articles and news stories that are related to women’s issues in the workplace, and promote a spirit of camaraderie among our members and women in the business community in a variety of social settings and events. McCombs Graduate Women in Business also serves as a resource for the annual Women In Business Leadership Conference – WBLC. The mission of the Women in Business Leadership Conference is to cultivate and enrich the MBA women’s academic experience, enhance career networks for women and celebrate the remarkable strengths women bring to corporate America. The WBLC brings together motivated MBA students, alumni, successful businesswomen and thriving entrepreneurs from all over the country to connect, discuss and learn more about issues facing women.

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    IGBA’s mission is to create cultural awareness and generate interest about India within the McCombs community as well as create value for its existing members through social and professional networking opportunities. IGBA is committed to fostering cultural ties among Indian students, maintaining closer relationships with alumni, providing networking opportunities in the Indian business community and promoting awareness of India’s role in the global economy.

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    IMBASA welcomes all students and offers its members the opportunity to develop professional relationships and friendships with people from all over the world. Its mission is to promote the study of international business. As the focal point of international activity within the McCombs School of Business, IMBASA prepares future business leaders to compete in a dynamic, global environment by organizing many exciting events. It serves as a bridge between the domestic and international students and balances a threefold focus on placement, education and socialization. International Night - IMBASA hosts McCombs’ largest MBA event, International Night, which gives students from all over the world an opportunity to open the doors to their culture for their MBA colleagues with a night of food, dancing, traditional games and entertainment. The evening is a multicultural celebration featuring an exciting blend of representatives from more than 20 countries. The popular event gives MBAs an opportunity to take a break from their academic rigors and discover the diversity of McCombs.

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    JMBA is primarily a social and networking organization. Its events provide an opportunity to learn about the Austin Jewish community, to meet other Jewish graduate students, network with local Jewish business leaders and be involved with and aware of current events. The MBA Jewish Organization is set up to serve as a social network for all Jewish MBA students and friends. Its design is to allow everyone (orthodox, conservative, reform, and non-practicing Jews) to get together informally for social and religious events. Membership is free and open to all (Jewish and non-Jewish alike).

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    The mission of the Latin American and Hispanic Master in Business Association (LAHMBA) is to enhance the Hispanic American and Latin-American student MBA experience by providing additional tools to develop your professional, academic, and social development. The LAHMBA facilitates job search functions, helps build a contact network, promotes McCombs as one of the top business schools in the world and provides exposure opportunities with recruiters. They organize a trip to the annual conference of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, the largest fair for Hispanics in the country, as well as the Global Business Challenge, the only multidisciplinary challenge in the MBA program and usually the first opportunity for 1st year MBAs to get involved in case competitions.

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    The Live Music Association unites members of the McCombs community through the shared experience of live music in the Live Music Capital of the World. We facilitate formal and informal learning opportunities in the live music industry, maintain a strong network of contacts, and provide career opportunities for association members. We work to make the McCombs School of Business a premier destination for graduate students pursuing careers in the business of live music.

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    The MBA Brewing Association is committed to educating students about the art and economics of brewing. Through presentations, pairing dinners, and brewery visits, we provide a forum for beer appreciation and connect students with local brewers.

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    The MBA Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational group of MBA students whose goal is to grow a sense of spiritual community at McCombs through weekly Bible studies, discussion groups, social events and guest speakers. MBACF’s focus is to provide students the opportunity to learn from Christian business leaders and to develop genuine relationships, both with Christ and with one another.

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    The MBA Football Club's mission is to provide opportunities for MBA students to learn about and play American football.

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    The MBA Golf Association facilitates interaction in the McCombs community through the game of golf. In bringing together students, faculty, staff, alumni, recruiters and business leaders, the association seeks to enhance the overall experience of the MBA program at the McCombs School of Business through member support and player development, innovative recruiting and networking events, special events and community outreach. MBA Golf welcomes everyone from beginning golfers to advanced players and provides events that cater to all skill levels.

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    The mission of the MBA Healthcare Association is to offer unique opportunities to learn, lead, and succeed in preparing for the challenges of today's highly competitive healthcare industry. We hope to foster student understanding of the health care business, share knowledge of careers in the health care industry, provide opportunities for students to exhibit knowledge and skills to employers, and encourage and facilitate development of relationships among McCombs students and the public and private sectors.

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    MBA IMPROV: Master of Business Administration Individuals May Provide Resources of Value aims to provide a fun environment for students to improve their public speaking and social skills in a variety of business settings. We use improv techniques to facilitate the learning process.

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    The MBA Soccer Club is for men and women of all skill levels who enjoy playing soccer. The group meets for friendly soccer scrimmages and places teams in fall and spring intramural tournaments, a local city league, and national MBA invitational tournaments. Our biggest annual event is the Texas Winter Classic MBA Invitational Soccer Tournament, which is held in Austin and hosts MBA teams from top programs around North America and Europe.

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    MBAs & Multimedia is an MBA student run organization designed to give MBA students the opportunity to network with other students interested in multimedia, expand skills by learning from one another, and provide an avenue to showcase creative talents. The organization focuses on increasing interest level in photography and videography through education, excursions, and competition, no matter what the skill level. In addition, students will explore, through video, the funny side of business school and corporate life within the follies portion of the organization.

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    The purpose of the Mexican Graduate Business Association is to establish and strengthen professional and cultural links between MBA students and Mexico. The Mexican Business Networking Association is open to all MBA students who have a special interest in the current affairs related to Mexico’s business and economic environment and who wish to establish contacts in Mexico. The Mexican Graduate Business Association works to improve the overall environment of Mexican business students providing networking opportunities among students, alumni and the business community. The organization welcomes all students that are interested in Mexico (either business or cultural).

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    Net Impact is an international network of over 50,000 members and 300 chapters that are dedicated to exploring, creating and pioneering ways of using the power of business to create a better world. Net Impact McCombs focuses on issues, including corporate responsibility, employee workplace practices, human rights, environmental sustainability and community development. In 2014, NI McCombs was selected as Net Impact Graduate Chapter of the Year.
    Net Impact hosts speaker series with national and local business and community leaders, alumni/member gatherings, career support, and networking opportunities. NI hosts the annual Business for Good Summit, supports membership participation in the national conference, and launched a Board Fellows program in Fall 2010. We are open to all students, but serve as a professional club for students interested in careers in sustainable business, green marketing, clean energy and technology, public sector consulting, government service, corporate social responsibility, nonprofit management, education, venture philanthropy, international development, microfinance, or any other social impact career.

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    Partners Club is a group made up of current Texas MBA students and their significant others. The goal of the club is to provide a support network and community for you and your partner throughout your time at McCombs. We are a diverse group of men and women who actively support one another through networking opportunities, social activities, question forums, and other events.

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    SEMA’s mission is to make the McCombs School of Business a learning destination for graduate students pursuing careers in the business aspects of sports and entertainment. The goals of the organization are to provide formal and informal learning opportunities in sports and entertainment management, initiate and maintain a strong network of contacts and provide career opportunities for association members. SEMA hosts an annual conference in the fall which unites industry professionals and students, and provides participants the opportunity to challenge one another and learn from the discussions and networking within the event.

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    Texas Veterans in Business fosters camaraderie among MBA students who previously served, or continue to serve, in any nation’s armed forces. TVIB is comprised of a unique set of MBA students who share an extraordinary set of leadership skills, cultivated and practiced under the most adverse conditions. The organization focuses on drawing parallels between the principles learned in the military and the skills required to be successful in business. TVIB maintains relationships with other ex-military MBAs at top business schools around the country and provides information to current or ex-military applicants interested in McCombs.


    Board Fellows was launched in 2010 as an initiative of McCombs’ Net Impact chapter. The program places selected MBA students on the boards of directors of local partner non-profit organizations as non-voting board members for one year. The purpose of the program is to give talented and committed business students the opportunity to work with and learn from non-profit leaders, while contributing their time and business skills to benefit the local community.

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    The CleanTech Fellowship is a selective leadership program that offers exceptional Texas MBA students the opportunity to deepen industry knowledge through hands on experiences in the clean tech world. Because each fellow sources his/her internship, the program can be tailored to anyone’s specific interests: energy, buildings, transportation, or agriculture. Once selected, each CleanTech fellow spends 10-15 hours per week working with a company of their choosing and periodically meeting with the other fellows to check in, attend speaker series, and discuss developments in the industry. Students earn credit for the part-time internship, which lasts for the second semester of the 1st year and the first semester of the 2nd year. The experience offers a great opportunity to build relationships with industry experts and growing companies. The CleanTech Fellows program is connected to the CleanTech Group.

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    The Consortium Fellows Business Association is The University of Texas at Austin chapter of the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management. The Consortium is comprised of 17 top business schools that partner with American companies to facilitate the entry of minorities into managerial positions in business. McCombs has been a member of this organization, the country’s preeminent organization for promoting diversity and inclusion in American business, since 1985.

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    The Corporate Finance Fellows, founded by Intel, is a brand-new program focusing on the diverse world of corporate finance, providing an extraordinary opportunity for an elite group of MBA students. Modeled after the successful existing MBA Venture Fellows program, the Corporate Finance Fellows will bring together selected students to work in a team on a project designed by Intel and eventually other corporate partners. Each selected student will participate in a three-credit-hour practicum course in the spring semester, with oversight and guidance both by McCombs finance faculty and Intel executives. The team will present their findings to Intel management on location at the end of the semester, with the trip to an Intel facility or office sponsored by the program.

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    The mission of Health Innovation Fellows is to promote the McCombs School of Business as a program that produces business leaders with the capability to impact the healthcare industry through innovation. This will be achieved by providing an avenue in which students can obtain a deep understanding of the business aspect of healthcare through healthcare specific classes, hear strategy and insight from top healthcare leaders through a speaker series, gain practical experience through mini-consulting projects with healthcare companies, and collaborate with other graduate students in the Cockrell School of Engineering and Dell Medical School to gain a mulch-disciplinary lens of the healthcare industry.
    The CCIMS Marketing Fellows program gives selected McCombs MBA students who are committed to pursuing leadership in marketing the opportunity to develop their marketing acumen and management skills through a combination of focused curriculum and consulting projects, serving to elevate the caliber of marketing students produced at McCombs and the reputation of the Marketing Department overall. The program is student led and managed, with support from CCIMS and Marketing faculty.

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    The MBA Investment Fund, L.L.C. is the first legally constituted, private investment company to be managed by students. The Fund is a limited liability company registered under the laws of the State of Texas. It was created to enable MBA students in the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin to obtain a real-world experience in the process of managing investment portfolios and in developing relationships with clients. The Fund has approximately 65 investors and $12 million under management in three different investment products: a growth-oriented equity portfolio and a value-oriented equity portfolio, which are managed for individual and institutional clients, and a balanced endowment portfolio, which supports the activities of the AIM Investment Center.

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    The McCombs Ambassador Committee offers a select group of trained MBA students an opportunity to immediately enhance the value of the Texas MBA. MAC within the Texas MBA Program plays a vital role in providing the admissions staff with a student perspective on the MBA admissions process. MAC members participate in many aspects of MBA admissions and are often your first point of contact with McCombs. As faces of the program, you may see them attending recruiting events, conducting tours of McCombs, taking prospective students for class visits or out to lunch, leading info sessions and participating in Texas MBA Fridays, and meeting with walk-in prospective students for the MBA program. In addition to these face-to-face interactions, MAC members spend hours each week answering phone calls and emails to address questions you may have or application issues you may encounter. In all of these ways, the MAC seeks to establish a personal connection with each prospective student, applicant, and future Texas MBA.

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    The Operations Fellows program provides selected MBA students who are committed to pursuing leadership in the functional areas of operations, supply chain and information management the opportunity to develop their management and leadership skills through a comprehensive integrated learning opportunity. This is achieved through a combination of focused classroom discussions and consulting projects to develop a better understanding of real-world challenges and enhance the Texas MBA experience within the three disciplines. The program is student led and managed with support from the Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence and IROM faculty.

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    The Real Estate Investment Trust Fund is an exciting opportunity for graduate and undergraduate McCombs School of Business students to engage in an educational, real-world forum on the real estate and asset management industries. Competitively-selected MBA Portfolio Managers and undergraduate analysts take a training course covering active portfolio management and fundamental REIT security analysis during the first semester of their year-long commitment to the fund. The REIT Fund presents selected students with learning opportunities designed to integrate their McCombs education with the “real world” experience of managing a portfolio of publicly traded REITs. It provides the students with the relevant academic foundation, and introduces them to managing real money in the U.S. public REIT market.
    The Social Impact Internship Fund (SIIF), established in 2016, is a student-run initiative for first-year MBA Candidates to help fund their classmates’ social and environmental impact-focused internships with organizations that otherwise would not be able to afford MBA-level salaries – from non-profit to public sector to social enterprises. The SIIF is a unique opportunity to build a lasting legacy within the McCombs School of Business, to make a meaningful and positive impact on the community, and to support the increasing number of students interested in pursuing social impact careers.

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    Texas Venture Labs connects local start-up companies with talented and entrepreneurial graduate students from the MBA, Law, Engineering, and Natural Sciences programs. These students participate in semester long projects solving important problems alongside the company’s founders. Admission to the course is competitive. If admitted, students join a team of 4-6 students working closely with two startup companies to make an immediate and direct impact on the company’s development. Broadly, students focus on projects that include elements of market validation, competitive analysis, financial analysis, business model assessment, and funding guidance. As many as two-thirds of participating students go on to either start their own company or work at a startup.

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    Venture Fellows is a program, unique to The University of Texas at Austin, which places MBA students as interns in local venture capital, private equity, and start-up firms while providing a unique venture capital focused curriculum taught by industry professionals to compliment the hands on experience. Through a rigorous recruitment process, 15-20 future business leaders are selected to participate in the two semester long program that teaches them how to identify and quantify investment opportunities, perform due diligence, and assist in market analysis for new ventures. The Venture Fellows program enables its members to gain the experience they need to identify and lead profitable growth opportunities within companies that they join. Members also have the opportunity to participate in The National Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) hosted by The University of North Carolina.

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