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Go Beyond Accounting: MPA Courses and MBA Electives

MPA Core Courses

The Texas McCombs MPA offers challenging, case-based graduate level classes that will draw on your creativity and prepare you for the future. Enroll in various accounting and MBA electives in areas such as finance, information technology, strategy, marketing, management, international business, and more. The MPA program provides a solid accounting foundation, track options, and customized class offerings that are tailored to meet your specific career goals. 

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Waiver/Substitution Policy

The MPA degree consists of 43 total credit hours. However, we will waive up to four core courses (12 credit hours) and reduce your MPA degree to 31 credit hours if you complete the equivalent at a four-year college or university prior to entering the MPA program.

Your academic advisor will approve any waivers and substitutions during new student advising in the summer.

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Our world-renowned faculty teach a wide variety of accounting courses and infuse the curriculum with cutting-edge ideas. 

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Program Length

If you have an undergraduate degree in accounting, you will complete a 31-hour program in either two semesters (fall and spring) or three semesters (fall, spring, and summer). If you opt to participate in employment recruiting in the fall, you will be encouraged to balance your schedule by completing fewer courses in the fall and extending graduation to early summer.

If you have an undergraduate degree in an area outside of accounting or business, you will complete a 43-hour program in four semesters (summer*, fall, spring, and summer). However, if you opt to complete an internship, you most likely will graduate in the fall.

*If you do not qualify for the ACC 381–Financial Accounting waiver, you will be required to begin the MPA program in mid-July.