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The mission of the Ph.D. program in Management is to prepare students to conduct cutting-edge research as a foundation for them to become productive scholars who shape both the academic profession and the practice of management through their excellence in research, teaching, and service.

The Ph.D. program in Management prepares students to combine rigorous theories with robust research methodologies to advance current thinking about management issues facing organizations in the private and public sectors, including both entrepreneurial ventures and established companies. A distinctive feature of the program is the many collaboration opportunities it offers for Ph.D. students to learn directly from the department’s world-class faculty.

The Management faculty publish regularly in the most prestigious academic journals in the field, including Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, and Strategic Management Journal. Many of the faculty members serve on the editorial boards of these journals, and some have editorial leadership positions. A unique strength of the department is its breadth of expertise across several units of analysis, from individuals, to groups, to organizations, to the social environment surrounding organizations.

This breadth of expertise enables our doctoral students to explore research interests comprising a wide range of rich topics. Management research frequently builds on contributions of diverse disciplines from psychology, economics, and sociology , to communications, political science, and anthropology. Through research collaborations with our faculty, students have the opportunity to expand their understanding of management and build knowledge in related disciplines.

The program focuses on establishing a solid conceptual and methodological foundation that graduates can build on throughout their careers. The vast majority of the program experiences are designed to develop the students' research abilities, and to prepare them to communicate their research to a variety of audiences.

The demand for skilled educators with a solid foundation in research is strong, and doctoral graduates from The University of Texas at Austin have enjoyed considerable placement success over the years.

If you aspire to a career as a management educator and researcher, a doctoral degree from the Texas McCombs Department of Management will give you the foundation for success.

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Areas of Specialization

The doctoral program in Management provides an opportunity for specialized study in one or more of the following areas:

Organization Science

Encompasses a wide variety of topics at the individual, group, and organizational levels of analysis. Current faculty research interests include but are not limited to:

  • ethical decision making, ethical dilemmas in organizations
  • diversity and inclusion in groups and organizations
  • emotions, identity, and creativity
  • organizational identification processes
  • cultures in organizations and work/family issues
  • organizational adaptability and learning
  • virtual communities

Strategic Management

Broadly speaking, strategy research focuses primarily on firm conduct and firm performance. It comprises both theories explaining reasons that some firms achieve sustainable superior performance and theories that focus on firm boundaries and firm growth. . Major areas of faculty research currently include:

  • corporate strategy, mergers, acquisitions, and alliances
  • competitive strategy
  • technology strategy and innovation
  • technology entrepreneurship
  • organizational learning and adaptation
  • business platforms and ecosystems
  • corporate governance and strategic leadership

Research Methodologies

The diversity of rich topics pursued in both the Organization Science and the Strategic Management areas is also reflected in a wide range of methodologies, ranging from lab experiments, to field surveys, to qualitative analysis of evidence from the field, to the latest advances in econometric analysis of large-scale quantitative datasets, to quasi field experiments. Students in the program have the opportunity to develop deep expertise in a variety of research methods. Students take several research methods courses taught by management faculty and are strongly encouraged to supplement their training with advanced methods courses in economics, psychology, and sociology. In addition, the program emphasizes early and continued involvement in collaborative research projects with faculty, which is essential for students to develop mastery in research methodologies.

Preparation and Qualifications

The Texas McCombs Management doctoral program assumes that students have taken advanced courses to establish a reasonable background in mathematics, statistics, and economics. Adequate computer programming skills are necessary in coursework.

Prospective applicants are required to hold a four-year bachelor’s degree (a formal degree in the area of study is not required) or equivalent prior to starting the program.

There are no additional prerequisites or requirements for the Management department.

See Admissions for further information.


 We prepare you to become an intellectual leader. The primary goal of the Texas McCombs Ph.D. program is to prepare students for exceptional academic careers. Over the last five years, McCombs Management Ph.D. alumni have gone on to excel at:

Sae Lee 2020 China Europe International Business School
Andrea C. Marquez 2020 University of Texas, San Antonio
Benjamin Dow 2019 Washington University
Natalie Longmire 2019 Tulane University
Julie Sharek 2019 University of Central Florida
Santosh Srinivas 2019 HEC Paris
Wei Yang 2019 George Mason University
Suho Han 2018 Syracuse University
Niranjan Janardhanan 2018 London School of Economics
Seung-Hwan Jeong 2018 Georgia State University
Yurianna Kimmons 2018 Oklahoma State University
Christina Kyprianou 2016 Clemson University


Current Students and Job Market Candidates

Banga, Meenal
Chung, Jong Sig
Datta, Arun*
Lee, Min Ju
Oladimeji, Temitope
Pyun, Eugene*
Rhee, Junyeon
Sachdeva, Puneet
Shardlow, Ed*
Sohn, Wonbin*
Strassman, Jamie
Wubneh, Kinde
Yamamoto, Kendall

* indicates job market candidates

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