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Program Prerequisites

Credit or registration for one of the following is required at the time of application:

  • Business students: FIN 357
  • Non-business students: FIN 320F

NOTE: ECO 301 or the equivalent (ECO 304K and ECO 304L) is strongly recommended for non-business students. The program’s required coursework will build upon the economic principles taught in this(these) course(s).

Program Requirements

The Texas URE program requires six distinct courses totaling 18 semester hours. The coursework synthesizes multiple disciplines to provide a comprehensive real estate education. The requirements are divided into three categories as follows:

  • CATEGORY A (6 Hours)

      Course Number Description
      RE 358 Introduction to Real Estate and Urban Land Development
      RE 378K RE 378K Real Estate Finance and Syndication
  • CATEGORY B (3 Hours) - Choose 1

      Course Number Description
      RE 376G Real Estate Investments
      LEB 363 Real Estate Law
  • CATEGORY C (9 Hours) - Choose 3

      Course Number Description
      ACC 326* Intermediate Financial Accounting OR
      ACC 378 Topics in Real Estate Accounting
      ARC 308 Architecture and Society
      ARC 318K Survey I: World Architecture: Origins to 1750
      ARC 318L World Architecture: Industrial Revolution to Present
      ARC 350R A.R.E.A.-ER: Alternative Real Estate Action: Experiential Research
      ARC 350R 2-American Dream: Status Quo/Alternatives
      ARC 350R Garden City to New Community
      ARC 350R Case Studies: Concept to Construction
      ARC 350R Global Housing Challenge
      ARC 350R Regenerative Architecture
      ARC 350R Urban Design/History/Criticism
      ARC 350R Urban Landscapes and Place Making
      ARC 350R City as Form and Idea in Europe and the US
      ARC 350R Housing and Culture in the US
      ARC 350R Urban Housing
      ARC 350R 20th & 21st Century Designers
      ARC 368R History and Theories of Landscape Architecture I
      ARC 368R History and Theories of Landscape Architecture II
      ARE 3323K Project Management and Economics
      ARE 358 Cost Estimating in Construction
      ARE 366 Contracts, Liability and Ethics
      CE 377K Building Information Modeling
      CRP 369K Principles of Planning
      ECO 330T Topics in Urban and Regional Economics
      ECO 334K Urban Economics
      ECO 334L Regional Economics
      FIN 377.3* Financial Analysts Program (FAP) REIT Fund
      GRG 310C Spatial Data and Analysis
      GRG 360G Environmental Geographic Information Systems
      GRG 337 The Modern American City
      GRG 356T The Culture of Cities
      LEB 363** Real Estate Law
      RE 376G** Real Estate Investments
      CRP 369K Principles of Planning
      URB 301 Introduction to Urban Studies
      URB 305 Experiencing the City
    • *Restricted to finance majors only.
    • **Finance majors cannot count these courses toward Category C (9 hours of electives) requirement. Non-business students can receive only 3 hours toward the program's required 18 hours for this course; it cannot be counted twice for credit in categories B & C.

More Information

The courses necessary to obtain the Texas URE certification may have additional prerequisites and admission to the program is required as a condition of enrollment in some courses. It typically requires three long semesters to complete the 18 hours of real estate certificate classes due to availability and sequencing.

Credit/registration for either FIN 320F or FIN 357 is required at the time of application. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Once accepted to the program, non-finance students may request access to add RE 358 and take both courses concurrently. However, if the finance course is dropped, enrollment in RE 358 must also be withdrawn.

Curriculum Schedule & Planning

At this time, the program's prerequisite courses are offered every semester, during the summer and also online through University Extension. RE 358 is currently offered each fall and spring, RE 378K is offered only in spring, LEB 363 is offered only in spring and RE 376G is offered only in the fall. RE 358, RE 378K, LEB 363 and RE 376G are not offered in the summer.