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2022—2023 Annual Endowment Impact Report

Endowments help us make it here and share it with the world.

I am proud to share the 2022–2023 Annual Endowment Report with you. As dean, I get to experience so many wonderful aspects of our McCombs community, and I am thrilled to share them with you. Enjoy this glimpse into the people, place, and pursuits that inspire the future of business leadership and how endowed support makes it all possible. Hook ’em horns!
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The Story of Endowments

Endowed support makes so much possible at Texas McCombs. Endowments allow us to create opportunities and lay the foundation for dreaming big. They honor our legacy while blazing a path to our future.


Endowed funds represented 12% of Texas McCombs’ overall budget.
Of the 21 McCombs Centers and Institutes, 8 received support from endowed funds.
With 6,338 undergraduate and graduate students at McCombs, each student represents
~$3,200 in endowment funds.
16% of McCombs students received a McCombs-specific scholarship award.

McCombs Endowment Growth

Scholarship Endowments Faculty Endowments Program Endowments Academic Year Total Endowments
421 175 291 2017-18 887
450 175 304 2018-19 929
475 176 308 2019-20 959
486 177 320 2020-21 983
498 177 332 2021-22 1,007
510 178 343 2022-23 1,031

Endowment Recipients

  • 555


    Bachelor of Business Administration

  • 340


    Master of Business Administration

  • 117


    Master of Professional Accounting

  • 105


Engaging Community

Endowed support allows us to engage the McCombs community in many ways such as staff appreciation, conferences, faculty research, student competitions, alumni engagement, mentorship, study abroad programs, guest lectures, involvement at events like SXSW, and support for commencement. 

Endowment Collage

With each journey this scholarship has provided me, I have gained and honed skills in communication, self-development, and critical thinking. McCombs has become a place for me to develop my own character (and) perspective.
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