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Before Coming to the SWAT Shop

Try this First

Got a blue screen? Computer frozen? Try this before visiting the Service Desk:

  • 1. Turn off the Computer
  • 2. Attach an AC adapter, even if the battery is full.
  • 3. Reboot the computer.

Most computer problems are solved by rebooting. If your laptop is working now, terrific!

If not, check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). You might find the solution to your problem there.

Still no luck? Welcome to the Service Desk. Please read the information below.



  • When you come to the Service Desk, please bring all the parts of your laptop, including the AC adapter.
  • If possible, back up your files and data to an external hard drive or flash drive.  While most operations we perform are not data-destructive, the Service Desk cannot be responsible for lost files.
  • Finally, if your computer is displaying a blue screen or an error message, please write down the message carefully. For a blue screen, you only need to write the first few lines.

What the Service Desk Can and Can't Do for You

The Service Desk CAN:

  • Assist students in the configuration of software necessary for McCombs courses, as listed in the Common Operating Environment
  • Perform basic hardware and software diagnostics for student computers
  • Perform basic troubleshooting for UT ITS managed services, including UTPrint and the restricted wireless network
  • Repair or replace failed hardware components for university-owned notebooks
  • Reconfigure software or reinstall the software image for university-owned notebooks
  • Update drivers and service packs

The Service Desk CAN NOT:

  • Back up your files. ONLY YOU are responsible for your files
  • Lend Hot Swaps for forgotten or lost computers
  • Sell components or software
  • Lend out computers or components as needed to students while their computers are being repaired