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Lab Rules

In order to use the McCombs School of Business computer labs, you must be a declared business major, or enrolled in at least business class with an associated technology fee. If you are having trouble accessing our labs, please see our FAQ or ask one of our lab consultants for help.

The McCombs Computer Labs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please respect your fellow students and be quiet so as not to disturb your neighbors. Please refrain from touching the monitors.

You should also be aware of the Security and Policy Governing Information Technology at UT.

Food and Drink:

  • Absolutely no food or beverages are allowed in the computer environments. Both can damage our computers. Please respect the cleanliness of our labs and help us maintain the high standards of quality that we offer. There are cubicles located outside of both sides of the MOD Lab for drink and food storage while you use the lab.
  • Those business students who wish to use the NRG Productivity Center may bring bottled water (and only bottled water), but please bear in mind you do this at risk to your laptop and we can not be held responsible for any damage.

Your Account and Password:

  • In order to use the computer labs, you must have a valid McCombs WINNT account (msb account). This account is automatically generated for business students and students currently enrolled in at least one business course with an associated technology fee. Please speak with a consultant in the SWAT shop (CBA 1.328) in order to find out your account information.
  • Your msb account may be used by you and only you. Please do not share your account with anyone else. Your account will be disabled if you do so. Do not give your password out to anyone. The lab staff will never ask you for your password.


The McCombs School of Business has a secure password policy in place to help guard against the risk of someone breaking into your account. When changing your password, please keep in mind that the system keeps a record of your password changes. You cannot replicate a password used previously (within the past 10 password changes). The system will also not let you use identifying information within your password, such as your name or your username. The "Complex Password Policy" requires that your password be eight (8) characters in length, and include elements from the following list:


  1. lowercase letters
  3. Numbers (0-9)
  4. Special characters (!,@,#,$, etc.)


Please do not use more than one machine at a time in the lab (do not share your msb account). This will result in your account being disabled.

Hardware and Software:

Do not tamper with the machines, reboot them, or shut them off for any reason. Do not disconnect the machines from the network for any reason. If you encounter any problems with the machine you are using, please see one of the lab consultants immediately. This is the best way to prevent data loss or file corruption.

Students are not permitted to install software on lab machines. Only authorized CBACC personnel may install software.

Illegal copying of software is not permitted and will result in loss of account privileges.