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Lab Reservation Rules

Lab Reservation Rules

The following rules apply to all lab reservations. You must confirm that you have read and understand these rules before reserving a lab.

  1. Request for allowance of reservation time beyond stated lab hours MUST be indicated on reservation form so that staffing and/or other preparations can be made in advance.
  2. Please be judicious in making reservations and allow ample time for special needs such as software installs and/or account creation. A good rule of thumb is the allowance of AT LEAST a week for such needs.
  3. The instructor or his/her representative must be present 10 minutes prior to the beginning time of a reservation. The reservation will be forfeited 15 minutes after the scheduled start time if the instructor/requestor/representative is not yet present.
  4. Computer projection, overhead (transparency) projection, DVD projection, laptop usage/projection cable, wireless microphone and a wireless mouse are available upon request. Please indicate need for this equipment on the reservation form. Any additional equipment (laptop, portable or freestanding lectern, laser pointer, presentation remote, etc.) must be reserved through Media Services (471-4095).
  5. If guest login accounts are needed for presenter/instructor and/or attendees, please email the Exchange Administrators with this request. Dean or department chair approval is needed for guest account creation.
  6. If printing access is needed during the reservation, free printing is available for McCombs faculty only. Please submit an email to Tech Support requesting printing access. Printing requests for other MOD Lab reservations (McCombs staff or organizations) should be emailed to These requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

MOD Lab Reservations

MOD Lab Reservations

The MOD Lab reservation system is exclusively for the use of McCombs School of Business faculty, staff, students and entities.

By reading and acknowledging the rules and procedures presented here, you are bound and responsible and will be required to enter your UTEID and password to access the reservation system. Your reservation request will be tentatively approved and added to the online calendar until either final approval is received, reservation revisions are pending, or your request has been declined. You will receive email correspondence to this effect. Please reply promptly to these situations. Tech Support may be reached by email or phone at 512-232-6616 for questions and concerns.

Currently, the MOD Lab is the only reservation facility available through the McCombs Computer Services Department. Reservation time slots are at a premium. This system will be operated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Reservation Facility Information:

For more information regarding facilities, please see the following tab: MOD Lab (CBA 5.304 and 5.325)


Software that is already available on the computers in the MOD Lab can be found on the COE (Common Operating Environment) page. Click here for a list of additional software installed only in the labs. If you have a software installation request beyond what is listed on the above sites, we require that you present us with the software AND licenses at least a week before the scheduled reservations in order to test and determine the compatibility of the software with our machines and operating environment. Once the software is deemed compatible, we will perform the software install on the required machines. We reserve the right to reject any software that is deemed as "not compatible" with our lab machines and operating environment.


By clicking the link below I confirm that I have read and understand the Lab Reservation Rules.

Reserve a MOD Lab

NRG Productivity Center Reservations

NRG Productivity Center Group/Team Room Reservations

The NRG Productivity Center Group/Team Room Reservations System is exclusively for the use of McCombs School of Business students.

By reading and acknowledging the rules and procedures presented here, you are bound and responsible and will be required to enter your McCombs user account and password to access the reservation system. Reservation time slots are at a premium. This system will be operated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Reservation Facility Information:

For more information regarding facilities, please see the following: NRG Productivity Center.

Group/Team Room Contents

  • Team Rooms Alpha–Iota are smaller configuration facilities with a table, chairs, and connections for a wall-mounted flat panel monitor for projection purposes.
  • Team Rooms Kappa–Xi are larger configuration facilities with a table and chairs.    

NRG Reservation Rules

The following rules apply to reservations:

  1. The reservation system will only allow currently-enrolled McCombs business student to login and make reservations.
  2. The reservation rule of thumb is one reservation per student per day in order to allow equitable access to all McCombs students.  Reservations are limited to three hours or less.
  3. Facilities should be found and left in a clean and orderly state. 
  4. Any equipment technology issues should be reported to Media Services. Make sure to check Known Issues and Solutions (link on trouble report page) before sending a trouble report.
  5. Any other issues may be reported to Tech Support by email at or by phone at 512-232-6616.  

By clicking the link below I confirm that I have read and understand the Lab Reservation Rules and the NRG Reservation Rules.

Reserve a Team Room

Behavioral Research Laboratory

Behavioral Research Laboratory


In response to the COVID-19 situation, the policy of the McCombs Behavioral Lab for all participant pools is to parallel the university class policy. We are thus still operational and are shifting ALL behavioral lab studies to be run remotely. The McCombs Research Restart page has all university and research related updates and resources.


If you are a researcher who would like to request to run an ONLINE Paid Study using the McCombs Behavioral Lab Paid Pool, please fill out this form.

If you are a researcher who would like to request Supplemental Research Data Assistance (such as data coding, data cleaning, etc.), please fill out this form.


Schedule Calendar log-in
McCombs\username & password

Application Form | Procedures and Priorities

Only McCombs School faculty members and doctoral students are permitted to use the Behavioral Research Laboratory at this time. An application form for the Behavioral Research Laboratory can be found below. Submitting a completed form online is the first step in the application process.

Requests will only be entered on the Schedule Calendar for forms that are completed in full. If not complete, the Behavioral Research Laboratory staff will return the form to the requester for completion. Forms will generally be processed by the Behavioral Research Laboratory staff. If laboratory usage issues arise that cannot be solved by individual researchers or by following the priorities described below, they will be referred to the Behavioral Research Laboratory Committee.



Approved requests are posted on the Schedule Calendar and can be viewed on-line at any time. Requests are final only after all requirements have been met (e.g. a complete application form has been received and IRB approval obtained). Submissions of requests to use the Behavioral Research Laboratory should follow application for approval to use human subjects.

Please see: for information and forms relating to the human subjects approval process.

Actual use of the Behavioral Research Laboratory requires that a researcher has received prior project-specific IRB approval for the use of human subjects. Reservations are subject to cancellation if IRB approval has not been received two weeks prior to the conduct of the research and will be automatically cancelled if the project has not been approved one week before the time of the reservation.


Lab Rules

  • Research projects take top priority over all other uses of the Behavioral Research Laboratory.
  • Requests are only considered final when IRB approval has been received.
  • Application forms may be submitted up to two (2) months in advance of the conduct of the research, but not later than fourteen (14) days prior to the proposed request week.
  • If a requested period extends beyond two months past the date of the request, that request will be honored only if the dates are for a single experiment to be run on consecutive business days.
  • Each researcher is allotted a maximum of twenty (20) hours per week and a maximum of forty (40) hours per month.
  • Requests for future usage times are cumulative from the beginning of the month on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • When all other requirements have been satisfied, it may be possible for a researcher to reserve the Behavioral Research Laboratory on very short notice with special approval. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.
  • For detailed information regarding the Behavioral Lab's policies and procedures, please see the following manual: McCombs Behavioral Lab Purpose and Resources 2-15-19.


Behavioral Research Laboratory Access

At least one principal investigator must be a McCombs School faculty member.

Ph.D. students are welcome and encouraged to use the Behavioral Research Laboratory. However, their reservations must be made jointly with a McCombs School faculty member (even for dissertations). Ph.D. students have the same priority as faculty members for laboratory usage.

The faculty member principal investigator has personal responsibility for Behavioral Research Laboratory equipment during the approved time of use. It is the responsibility of the faculty member principal investigator to personally oversee student use of the laboratory as well as use of the key.


Cancellation Information

You can cancel an existing request by sending an email to:

I have read and understand these policies:


[Submit a request here]

*you must log-in using your "mccombs\username" and "password" or your "austin\EID" and "password"*
Questions? contact: