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Front view of bull statue on Wall Street

WSFM Leadership Program

The Wall Street for McCombs (WSFM) Leadership Program, led by Faculty Director Xavier Sztejnberg, is the investment banking training program of the New York for McCombs (NYFM) initiative.


WSFM aims to identify and develop high-performing undergraduate and graduate students to become Texas McCombs leaders in the financial services industry. WSFM graduates will be engaged alumni and represent UT and the School in the highest standards including mentoring current WSFM students, serving on the NYFM Council, and being UT ambassadors at their firms.



Students accepted into the WSFM Leadership Program excel at the following:

  • Interest in and knowledge of the financial services and/or alternative asset management industries
  • Academic performance (GPA and/or standardized tests)
  • Leadership roles in school organizations and/or athletic teams
  • Professional experience prior to graduate school (MBAs only)



  • Information sessions to be held in August for first-year MBAs and early October for sophomores, MPA and MSF students.
  • Applications due by September for first-year MBA students, and late October for sophomores, MPA and MSF students. 
  • Requires submission of résumé and written personal essays
  • Selected applicants will go through a two-round interview process. The first round with members of the WSFM Admissions Committee and the second round with the NYFM Faculty Director



Students accepted into the WSFM Leadership Program receive:

  • WSFM-only courses
  • General and personalized coaching throughout summer and full-time interview process
  • A mentor from the New York for McCombs Council
  • A WSFM student mentor
  • Subsidized trip to New York City (the “NYC Trek”) to meet with NYFM mentors and Council members and to network with a select group of financial services firms
  • Invitation to NYC Summer Brunch with alumni and WSFM students interning in the City
  • Leadership and mentorship opportunities within the program




Investment banking interview prep courses to include behavioral and finance and accounting technical skills meant to assist WSFM students in securing internships.


Advanced valuation and modeling course that includes a NYFM alumni speaker series and is intended to prepare WSFM students to excel at their summer internships.

Valuation Boot Camp for BBA, MPA, and MSF students with corporate partners that include case presentations and networking events.

Have questions or want to learn more?
Contact Xavier Sztejnberg, NYFM Faculty Director.