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One-year program packed with valuable knowledge and skill-building opportunities.


  • Own a real industry role while earning course credit
  • Obtain experiential learning in a real-life ongoing position
  • Gain exposure to executive leadership
  • Receive mentorship from a dedicated industry coach


Key Elements of Texas McCombs Labs

  • Students are provided a company orientation and given full access to data/materials
  • Success criteria includes hard business results
  • Students are compensated for spring and fall semesters at rate comparable to minimum wage
  • Summer internship guaranteed at sponsoring company
  • Executive coaching provided to students
  • Earn six credit hours
  • All 1st year MBA students are eligible to apply
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    November 1, 2023 3:00 – 5:00pm | Rowling Hall

Apply: Texas McCombs Labs


  • Login in to your RecruitTexasMBA account
  • Navigate to your “OCIs/RCs (all jobs)” tab
  • Select the OCIs/RCs sub tab
  • Type the Job ID in the search box and select search (see Job IDs below)
  • Click into the job posting and select Apply
  • If logging in for the first time, complete acknowledgement process 
  • All first year MBAs are eligible to apply
  • Sponsor companies will interview selected candidates
  • Deadline to apply is November 9, 2023

Application Materials

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter - Please write a short paragraph describing why you are passionate about working on the selected company/project team.

Dell- Services Marketing-Product Marketing Team - 2 Positions Available

Position title: TX McCombs Labs-Dell Marketing-Services Marketing 2024
Job ID: 10922
Employer: MBA Brands, LLC
International applications accepted: Yes

Dell - Supply Chain - 2 Positions Available

Position title: TX McCombs Labs-Dell Supply Chain 2024
Job ID: 10918
Employer: MBA Brands, LLC
International applications accepted: Yes

Signet Jewelers-Marketing - 1 Position Available

Position title: TX McCombs Labs-Signet Jewelers Marketing 2024
Job ID: 10923
Employer: MBA Brands, LLC
This position is limited to persons eligible to work in the U.S. with no restrictions


If you have questions about the application process please contact:

Lori Van Orden
Sr. Academic Program Coordinator
Center for Customer Insight & Marketing Solutions




  • 2024 Labs Roles with Dell and Signet Jewelers
  • Application opens in early November 2023
  • Students may apply for one or multiple roles
  • All positions follow the same timeline and application process
  • Interviews are directly with the sponsoring company
  • Students will be notified of company decisions in early December

Dell Supply Chain

Dynamic forecasting for low-attach rate parts

As an industry leader in Supply Chain, Dell is continuously working to refine its parts forecast and drive a lean yet robust supply chain. Our processes are especially tested during times of supply / demand volatility. The perpetual fluctuation of demand and supply based on market cycles and supplier commits is a constant challenge in the world of forecasting.

The goal of this project is to develop a dynamic approach to forecasting and staging our supply with a keen focus on parts with low attach-rates & high volatility. Parts with low attach-rates are especially difficult to forecast as signal volatility in any part of the supply chain can quickly lead to excess inventory and stock-outs in other parts. This project will drive long-term supply chain planning strategy that affects the entire part lifecycle. The project will allow students the opportunity to learn an industry-leading demand / supply planning process and make a real impact to a global organization.


  • Identify immediate areas of improvement with preliminary focus on regional forecasting process for low attach-rate parts
  • Investigate how volatility impacts STBL and customer deliveries utilizing our current DSI model
  • Determine a threshold of volatility in which to drive an alternative method to demand forecast and/or supply staging
  • Explore the effectiveness of alternative lifecycles (e.g., ‘one-time buy’, early lock) for low attach / highly volatile items to help prevent liability at EOL
  • Evaluate if alternative supply methods (min/max, dynamic DSI based on seasonality, EOCQ/EOFQ) can potentially improve continuity of supply
  • The project will incorporate a review of our current regional and global processes as well as recommendations for improvements in our forecasting process.

Number of positions: 2

Dell Marketing

Dell Technologies Services Marketing Product Marketing Team

Dell Technologies Services Product Marketing intern will:

  • Collaborate with various departments within the Dell Technologies Business Unit, including Services Marketing (product, field, operations, programs, campaigns), to formulate and execute marketing strategies that drive sales growth and market influence.
  • Develop comprehensive, outcome-based and targeted marketing plans aligned with business objectives, considering multiple functions such as product, field, operations, and campaigns within Services Marketing.
  • Support targeted marketing initiatives across different routes to market (e.g., channel, partners, social media, online advertising, email, and focused field campaigns) to enhance offer awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement, utilizing data-driven approaches.
  • Clearly communicate the value proposition to customers and sustain collaborative relationships with sales, product, and field teams.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Develops marketing and communications plans and activities for specific solution offers
  • Supports services offer launch and sustaining efforts to optimize sales and market influence
  • Develops content for internal and external audiences relaying offer value propositions, including customer presentations and sales training materials
  • Independently creates simple product marketing materials and performs simple product marketing activities
  • Assists in planning and implementation of launches, core positioning, messaging, sales training and marketing programs for assigned offers

Skills for success:

  • Good presentation skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Possesses good product, technology and industry knowledge
  • Good technical writing skills
  • Takes initiative

Specific deliverables associated with each project to be determined in conjunction with Services Marketing management team in Q1 of FY2024.

Number of positions: 2

Signet Jewelers Marketing

The Signet Media Internship Experience immerses you in the fast-paced retail marketing and media industry. On a daily basis, interns will build basic knowledge of media language and media math. They will become comfortable utilizing company systems such as Gain Theory, Ad*Views, Media Tools, the Source, MRI Applications, TARDIIS, MBOX and more.

An internship at Signet is more than just a job, it’s an opportunity to explore the media and marketing field as a career and learn more about our culture, business, and people. The internship program provides students with an invaluable learning experience in which they gain hands on experience in media and marketing, are able to apply academic knowledge in the business world and develop their skills.
In addition to the day-to-day responsibilities, interns will be given the opportunity to combine their passion for advertising with their own interests in a project that adds value to the organization.


  • Work closely with a team and executive coach
  • Deliver weekly deck for review with SVP of marketing with key insights from the enterprise media results
  • Deliver a final project of highest quality that can have a positive impact on the organization.
  • Network and partner with peers, managers, buddies, HR, and colleagues at Signet
  • Present your project to our leadership team at the end of the internship program initiatives.


  • Proven strong interest in a career in advertising, technology, analytics, research or related 
  • Basic PC skills- familiarity with Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, work on multiple assignments and manage ambiguity
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team with professionals at all levels
  • Leadership, problem solving and strong verbal and written communication skills

Number of positions: 1 (domestic applicants only)