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The International Experience is at the heart of the International Business credentials, and there are a few different ways in which a student can meet the requirement.

The International Experience Requirement

International Business students gain direct experience with diverse cultures throughout their course of their studies, but never more so than during their International Experience. IB students learn to analyze and work within different cultures by spending a significant amount of time in a cultural background that varies from their own.


Comprehensive information about the international experience – including ways to explore program and funding options – is available in the CGB Canvas Community.  If you are a current student and do not have access to the community please click here to let us know.


Please note that this information is presented as general guidance.  Students should speak with their academic advisor or make an appointment with CGB to discuss their options, and are required to complete an International Experience Approval Form to request approval of their plans prior to travelling.


Study Abroad

Most IB students complete their International Experience by studying abroad, either through McCombs or Texas Global.  These programs are generally either Semester-Long Exchange/Affiliate programs or Faculty-Led May Term/Summer programs.


Semester-Long Exchange/Affiliate Programs:  These programs are a great way to immerse yourself in the life and culture of another country, and can be completed in the fall or spring term.  Students completing a semester-long program are enrolled at the host university where they typically take just 12 credit hours to make sure they have time to adjust to and explore their new home.  Semester-long programs satisfy the international experience for all international business majors and minors.


Faculty-Led Summer Programs:  These programs involve two courses that are taken through UT with UT instructors but are taught abroad.   These program are typically at least 5 weeks in duration, and usually run in line with the First Summer Session at UT.  Faculty-Led Summer programs also  satisfy the international experience for all international business majors and minors.


May Term Programs: Formerly known as Maymesters,  these are short study abroad programs that take place immediately after classes conclude in the spring term, and typically last four weeks.  May Term programs are approved for use towards the international experience requirement for the IB-Major (Global Skills Track) and towards the optional international experience for the IB minor.  However, due to their limited duration, only specifically approved May Term programs may be used towards a Global Management minor or IB-Major (Language Track). Click here to download a list of May Term programs offered this year that are approved for this minor.


Non-UT Study Abroad Programs: Students occasionally complete study abroad experiences through other domestic universities. These students will need to ensure transfer of their courses from the host institution to UT in order to satisfy their International Experience requirement, and additional documentation will be required.  These situations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, so students are encouraged to contact the CGB advisor if they are considering this option.

International Internships

Students looking to satisfy their International Experience requirement with an international internship should contact meet with CGB as soon as possible to discuss their options. Students pursuing this options must:


  • Students must complete an International Experience Approval Form prior to starting their internship to request approval and will be required to provide a letter from their employer confirming their employment upon conclusion of the internship.


  • Internships must be at least 6 weeks in duration and at least 160 hours total, with direct and daily supervision and meaningful projects with learning components.


  • Effective Fall 2023, students must either receive academic credit for their internship through their college (e.g. BA 353 credit) or complete the zero-credit hour course EXP 000 through UEX (more information) to use the internship towards their International Experience.


Please Note: Students looking to satisfy their International Experience with an internship are responsible for securing their position, arranging for their own transportation and housing, and ensuring that all other documentation (e.g. visas) are completed in a timely manner.


Global Career Launch: These UT programs teams of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty together to work or conduct research abroad on an issue or topic related to the host country.  They typically include a stipend, and students with demonstrated/documented financial need are automatically eligible for a stipend of $4,000, in addition to other available financial support.  More information on Global Carer Launch Programs is available through Texas Global.  


Internationally-Facing Internships: Students in Skills Track of the IB Major may be able to satisfy their International Experience requirement through an “internationally facing” internship, defined as one in which the student is based in the United States but has a predominate focus on internationally-based projects.  If you are interested in this option please meet with CGB to discuss the opportunity prior to finalizing your plans.  

Alternative International Experiences

Occasionally students satisfy their International Experience requirement through an alternative experience, such as volunteering abroad.  Any alternative is expected to have sufficient structure and cultural exposure to ensure the purpose of the requirement is met. If you are interested in this option please meet with CGB to discuss the opportunity prior to finalizing your plans.  

Students Unable to Travel Abroad

In the event that a student is unable to travel abroad due to circumstances outside of their control (e.g. public health or other extenuating circumstances) they may be able to complete an research project or internationally-facing internship to satisfy the requirement. If you are find yourself in this situation, please meet with CGB to discuss the your options.



Take a minute to review CGB's International Experience Guidance.  It will help you become familiar with cultural analysis and get the most out of your trip!  And did you complete your International Experience Approval form yet?


Funding for international experience is available from a variety of sources.  Some assistance is based on financial need, while other options are based on where you plan to travel or what you plan to do while you are there.  The below list is not exhaustive, and students are encouraged to contact the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid with questions.


Global Change Maker Scholarships are offered by CGB and are open to all students regardless of their major/minor.  Multiple awards of up to $5,000 are given ever semester to support international experience. 

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Global Assist is a scholarship portal operated by Texas Global. A variety of scholarships are listed there, and it is a great place to start exploring funding options.

Students should pay particular attention to the International Education Fee Scholarship, which has contributed funding for travel to many CGB students.

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A number of centers at UT offer scholarships for international experiences via Department of Education grants for undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines to study foreign languages and cultures at UT and elsewhere in the US and abroad.  Participating centers include:

  • Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • European Studies
  • South Asia Institute
  • Latin American Studies

Applications for these fellowships generally open in early to mid-November and close in early to mid-February.

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Financial aid may be able to assist with your study abroad experience. Click HERE for more information or contact the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid with questions.


Do you have questions about your options?  Talk to an advisor today.