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Global Shift Dialogues bring together business leaders together to discuss current challenges in international business.

Gretel Perera & Ana Villegas
  • Global Marketing and PR

    Marketing and public relations are always evolving, and success requires nonstop innovation. Watch Gretel Perera, Director of Expedia Brands PR, Americas, and Ana Villegas, Chief Marketing Officer at AffiniPay, discussion of developments in how business is perceived and presented, and what the future may bring to these dynamic professions. Recorded March 1, 2023
Ray Brimble & Cato Felan
  • Business on the Edge

    Changing regulations in and pandemic-induced necessities are driving new technologies and industries. Two UT alumni who support the growth of companies in cutting-edge industries discuss these issues as Ray Brimble (Founder/CEO Seed/Pod Holdings LLC) and Cato Felan (CEO, La Hoja Capital Management) describe trends and patterns in emerging fields. Recorded November 10, 2021.
Shannon Kempner & Al Lanctot
  • The Global Pivot to ESG

    Multinational executives Shannon Trilli Kempner (VP, Corporate Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion, Catalent Pharma Solutions) and Al Lanctot (Executive Director, Lenovo) discuss corporate opportunities and challenges associated with increased regulatory and investor emphasis on Environment, Society and Governance. Recorded October 27, 2021.
Linda Gerber & Michael Soileau
  • Global Solutions

    Dr. Linda Gerber (Faculty Advisor for the International Business Major at McCombs School of Business) and Michael Soileau (Former Vice President of Strategy, Planning and Development at Xfinity Consumer Services Comcast) discuss their different perspectives on future global solutions. Recorded February 10, 2021.
Mark Mirelez & Rene Van De Zande
  • Supply Chain Management

    Mark Mirelez (President and CEO of BEI Precision) and René van de Zande (Social Entrepreneur and Medical Devices) discuss on New Directions in Supply Chain Management in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recorded November 18, 2020.
Matt Hansen & Schumacher Matos
  • Global Business Leadership

    Matt Hansen (Founder and CIO at Financial Services Capital) and special guest Edward Schumacher-Matos (Director of the Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World, Tufts University) discuss their take on New Directions in Business Leadership. Recorded November 11, 2020.
Ray Brimble & Raj Mahale
  • Global Linkages

    Ray Brimble (Founder of Lynxs Group LLC) and and Raj Mahale (Partner at KBBH Law) discuss their take on New Directions in Global Linkages. Recorded October 21, 2020.


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