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Entrepreneurship Minor

Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship Minor is the curricular focus of the Harkey Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies. Students from across the Forty Acres develop their entrepreneurial skills in a diverse, interdisciplinary environment.


The Entrepreneurship Minor develops students into innovative leaders. Our curriculum requires students to learn fundamental skills in ideation creation, business plans, marketing, pitching and product development. In summary, students learn how to create value and launch new businesses.


The University of Texas at Austin is currently ranked 2nd in the nation for undergraduate entrepreneurship by the Princeton Review. Entrepreneurship Minor students have access to work across diverse industries, Forbes top 500 companies, local Austin startups, McCombs alumni, and successful entrepreneurs. Currently the minor has over 750 students from over 150 majors across campus.


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Student Perspectives
My favorite part of earning this minor has been building the network I have today. I've met such a wide array of individuals—different backgrounds, majors, projects, and passions. Aspiring and current entrepreneurs are a different breed; they think in terms of possibilities while others think in terms of what's already been done. I'm excited to have immersed myself in such a dynamic community.
Jillian Albus, Neuroscience Major and Entrepreneurship Minor

Minor at a Glance

  • 2nd

    U.S. Ranked Program

    Princeton Review

  • 9th

    Globally Ranked Program


  • 750

    Current Students

    With Access to Startups and Entrepreneurs

  • 150+

    Different Majors

    Represented in the Program


The Entrepreneurial Journey is a multi-staged process of ideation, verification, examination, execution and expansion. It takes knowledge and skills to navigate the journey. The Entrepreneurship Minor is designed to give you access to that knowledge and help you develop those skills.

Entrepreneurial Journey