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Entrepreneurship Minor Students

Prospective Students

The Entrepreneurship Minor develops undergraduate students into innovative leaders in their field.

  • Immerse Yourself

    The Entrepreneurship Minor provides students with access to entrepreneurship courses across colleges on campus. Along with minor classes you can compete in pitch competitions, attend entrepreneurship related workshops, gain experience from startups and develop connections with alumni, mentors or current entrepreneurs.

How to Get Started

  • Application

    All undergraduates are eligible to apply.
  • Get More Information

    Attend an information session to get a better understanding of the minor.
  • Blair & Bubba Moffett Family Summer Entrepreneurship Academy

    Connect and compete most of the minor in an intensive summer program.


The minor is comprised of five requirements, totaling 15 semester hours of coursework students must successfully complete to earn the minor.

1: Core Principles
Establish core humanities, communication, and economic principles.
2: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Explore innovation and entrepreneurship theory and research.
3: New Venture Mechanics
Acquire tools and develop processes for business foundation.
4: Specializing Elective
Supplement your learning with a specialization of your choice.
5: Experiential Practicum
Apply learned skills and knowledge in a startup accelerator or incubator.
Student Perspective
I enjoy the energy of my peers. Everyone I meet in this minor is a big thinker who is driven to accomplish their goals, which is inspiring in itself.

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