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Living Learning Community Students

Living Learning Community

The Harkey Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies (HIES) is a first of its kind living learning community that will admit incoming students directly into the Entrepreneurship Minor.

LLC by the Numbers

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    Yearly Events + Socials

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    Monthly Events + Socials

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    Yearly Off Campus Tours

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    Students @ Jester West

The Harkey Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies Living Learning Community (LLC) helps students immerse themselves in the entrepreneurial ecosystem at The University of Texas at Austin, and the greater Austin area. This program increases entrepreneurial self-efficacy in students and helps students learn to use entrepreneurial skills in all career aspects. By the end of their freshman year, students are able to start work on their own student business or begin work in an innovative corporate or startup environment.


Students in the Harkey Institute for Entrepreneurs LLC will be able to:

  • Engage more effectively with the UT Austin campus community
  • Develop professional networks and begin to utilize them
  • Understand basic fundamentals of the entrepreneurial mindset and innovators five discovery skills
  • Identify and evaluate problems and opportunities to explore from an entrepreneurial perspective
  • Prepare to create and/or launch student businesses
  • Increase entrepreneurial self-efficacy


Each semester the the LLC provides opportunities for students to learn skills from speakers, coaches and experts to develop their entrepreneurial talents. The LLC also offers monthly socials, yoga sessions and events to help build friendships and prioritize wellness. 


What was your favorite part of living in the LLC?

"My favorite part of living at the LLC is that i was easily able to make a community here. Everyone is so inclusive and always willing to talk to you. If you’re upset and just walking down the hallways there will always be someone there to cheer you up or someone there to help you with your anxiety attacks. Additionally, I get dessert every week cause on of our floor mates bakes and he always is so inclusive in inviting the whole floor."

— Aditi Anand, Business Major 


What have you learned about entrepreneurship this year?

"I learned a lot! One key thing that I learned was to know who your clients and/or customers are. Sounds obvious, but it's something that needs to be kept in mind."

— Karah Phang, Computer Science Major


What was your favorite part of living in the LLC?

"My favorite part of the LLC was the opportunity to meet and get closer to people on my floor and do activities with them outside of the dorms. I would recommend HIES LLC as it gets you more exposed to a specific academic program, so it has more of a payback if you are interested in entrepreneurship after your first year."

— Rohan Kurup, Economics Major 

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