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The perseverance, business skills, and power of inquiry honed in the MBA program are highly valued in today’s health care industry, driving innovation through the entire health ecosystem.


Health care is a rapidly expanding field with many entry points for a graduating MBA student. The MBA Health Care Series will give you the specialized knowledge you need to step into a satisfying career with growth potential.

MAN 385: The Health Care Business Ecosystem

This course introduces students to the business ecosystem of the US health care industry using a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate the business structures, processes, and outcomes of health services in America. The course covers how various health care components - including biotech and pharma - work individually and how they work (or fail to work) together to create the "health care system."

MIS 382N: Healthcare Technology Innovation

This course focuses on studying product and process innovations in the healthcare industry driven primarily by advances in information technology. The primary objectives are to help students understand evolutionary changes within the healthcare value chain, develop technology strategies to foster innovation, and evaluate how new information technologies can disrupt the healthcare delivery lifecycle.

PGS 380M: Entrepreneurship and Health Innovation (College of Pharmacy)

This is an 8-week interdisciplinary practicum course offering students an opportunity to get hands-on experience identifying and developing ideas, market validation, and more and is a feeder into other startup paths across the University. This course is a joint effort between the Drug Dynamics Institute, the McCombs School of Business, Cockrell School of Engineering, Texas Health Catalyst, and Austin Technology Incubator (ATI).

Graduate-Level Health Care Accounting

Coming soon.

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MBA Health Care Electives

INF 385T

AI in Health (Information)

LAW 395E

Health Care Law (Law)

LAW 397S

Health Care Law and Policy (Law)

LAW 397S

Health, Justice, Race, COVID (Law)

N 381D

Leadership Development for Health Care Professionals (Nursing)

N 382W

Informatics for Health Care Professionals (Nursing)

N 386F

Budget and Finance in Health Care (Nursing)

N 387K

Leading and Managing Complex Health Care Systems (Nursing)

PA 383C

Policy Development: Health and Society (LBJ School)



Through hands-on exposure to current challenges in the rapidly changing healthcare industry, the Health Care Innovation Fellows help Texas MBAs discover opportunities to impact the future of care positively.