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This comprehensive undergraduate minor is 18 credit hours of interdisciplinary courses available to students on the 20/22 catalog or later. Applications will open on September 1, 2024

In-Depth Health Care with a Business Focus

The Health Care Reform & Innovation Minor is open to current undergraduate students of all majors at The University of Texas at Austin. The curriculum offers:


  • Practicum courses that give you experience with real-world issues working with local healthcare agencies such as Dell-Seton, Dell Children's Medical Center, and volunteer charity clinics.
  • Access to top Texas McCombs professors.
  • A health care specialization on your transcript.
  • Special internship opportunities.


Required Courses (15 hours)

  1. Choose one of the following:
    • ACC 311/311H: Fundamentals of Accounting (Business Majors/Honors)
    • ACC 310F: Foundations of Accounting: (Majors Outside Business)
  2. OM 334M: Health Care Operations Management (pre-req: statistics) OM 235H required for Business Honors, will count toward certificate with one credit waived.
    While OM 334M is preferred to OM 235 for all business students, completing OM 235 before admission into the program will count toward this requirement with one credit waived. 
  3. MAN 334M: Health Care Systems Management
  4. LEB 334M: Health Care Law & Policy
  5. ACC 334M: Healthcare Accounting (pre-req: ACC 310F & MAN 334M -OR- ACC 311)

Elective Courses (3 hours)

Choose one of the following:

  • N309: Global Health (Study Abroad equivalent available)
  • SOC 308S/HS 301: Intro to Health and Society
  • PBH 317: Public Health
  • ECO 325K (Economics Majors): Health Economics
  • CMS 337 (Fall): Communicating to Build Sales Relationships
  • MAN 366P (Fall): Social Entrepreneurship Practicum 
  • MAN 367P (Spring): Social Entrepreneurship Practicum
  • HED 373 (Spring, Graduating Seniors Only): Evaluation & Research Design
  • N 377 (Nursing Majors only): Leadership & Management of Nursing Care
  • RM 369K (Fall): Managing Employee Risks & Benefits
  • MIS 373: Healthcare Analytics (pre-requisite: statistics)
  • Porto, Portugal Maymester: BME 320, CHE 379, ME 379M (open to all majors)
  • BGS 372T Health Care Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • MIS 373 Fundamentals of Health IT

    Adding the Health Care Reform & Innovation Minor to your degree gives you skills, credibility, and a focused purpose to your undergraduate education. Turn your unique passion into a career in one of the fastest-growing and most valued sectors globally.


What are the requirements for admission/acceptance into the program?

  • Be on or switch to the 20/22 catalog. Your major and minor must be on the same catalog.
  • Submit an essay (up to 250 words) focusing on your healthcare career plans and how the certificate will help you achieve that (part of the application); 
  • Previous work, internships, or volunteering at a healthcare-related company or clinic preferred.

Do I have to apply to the program?

Yes. There is a process for applying to a minor and officially pursuing it. But we take care of one of the steps for you!

  1. To have time to complete all of the requirements, you should have at least two semesters remaining before you graduate, unless you need three or fewer classes to complete the minor, to apply to the program. Otherwise, you may not have enough time to complete all of the courses.
  2. Complete our registration form online. This will include an essay. The link will appear during the registration period, September 1st - October 1st or February 1st - March 31st.
  3. If you are accepted into the program, we will enter your application into UT's new Certificate system.
  4. You will receive an automated email (system-generated from the Registrar's Office) once that is entered that will direct you to your major/home college advisor to add it to your degree profile. Please do so within two weeks of receiving that email.

If you already applied for the program in UT's system, you will need to go through our application process to be considered.

When will I receive a response to my application?

The admissions review process should complete before the first registration period in October (for Spring Term) and March (for fall term). We will notify you of your acceptance into the program.

If you are not accepted, you will be able to reapply the following application period. We will consider your previous application as part of your points toward admissions.

Remember: you need to have at least two semesters remaining before you graduate unless you need three or fewer classes to complete the certificate to apply to the program. Otherwise, you won't have enough time to complete all of the courses. You must successfully complete all courses in the program before you can graduate.

What is the deadline to apply?

Our fall application period is September 1st - October 1st. Our spring application period is February 1st - first Sunday in March.

What are the prerequisites for the courses?

Always refer to the course catalog for the most up-to-date prerequisites. Here is a list of known prerequisites:



ACC 311

24 semester hours of college credit

ACC 311H

24 semester hours of college credit, MIS 301 or its equivalent, and credit or registration for Business Administration 324 or 324H

OM 334M

Upper-division standing

A prior UT statistics class or AP statistics is recommended.

LEB 334M

Upper-division standing

MAN 334M

Upper-division standing

ACC 334M

(pre-req: ACC 310F & MAN 334M -OR- ACC 311)

Prerequisites are subject to change. Please refer to your home/major advisor for prerequisite questions or concerns.

Can I receive credit for courses taken outside of UT Austin?

Equivalents to ACC311 will be accepted as transfer credit for non-business majors only. Otherwise, no. Students must complete the program's required 18 hours from six unique courses at UT Austin from the list of program courses outlined in the course catalog.

Are there any substitutions for courses that are full?

We highly recommend that you contact us regarding any substitutions. If you run into this issue, please email us.

Can I take courses pass or fail?

No. You must take all courses for a letter grade to get credit for completing the certificate.

What are the study abroad opportunities?

You can Study Abroad with the UT International Office, earning N309, and up to 16 hours from the world-renowned University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia, with the Semester Plus: Global Health in Sydney program. This unique program allows students to explore the culture, health care systems, and global health concepts of the US, Australia, and the world. You can find more information about the program at UT Study Abroad. If you have questions about the program, email the program coordinator Julia Smith or join a live Q&A.

There is also a Maymester course that can count as your elective for the program: International Perspectives on Design in Healthcare (BME 320, CHE 379, ME 379M, unique numbers change each year). The International Engineering Education runs this course in the Cockrell School of Engineering. This course requires no math or physics background, even though it is offered in the Cockrell School. It carries a Global Cultures flag and has no prerequisites. It is open to all majors. Maymesters run from the end of May through June.  The deadline to apply for the 2019 Maymester is November 1st. There is a rolling admissions process for this. The deadline will be extended if spots are open.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The program requires six unique courses totaling 18 semester hours in addition to any prerequisites. The course requirements can be completed at your own pace. Several of our upper-division courses are only offered in spring or fall semesters.