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Unlock your potential as a TVL Startup Fellow: choose a track that fits your goals, connect with startup industry leaders, and combine your classroom learning with real-world projects.


TVL Startup Fellows gain experience in a variety of industries and roles while simultaneously building their expertise and networks. They work on projects that reinforce classroom learning, allowing them to bridge the gap between their career aspirations and their current skill set. In addition to their project work, TVL Startup Fellows enjoy access to a range of resources, including guest speakers, seminars, opportunities to network, and connections to mentors from members of the JBTVL Advisory Board.


TVL Startup Fellow applicants choose between five tracks based on their interests and the type of career path they would like to explore.

  • TVL Venture Capital Fellow – work with leading venture capital firms to gain skills in due diligence, deal sourcing, investment analysis and more.
  • TVL Social Impact Fellow – work with startups focused on solving the world’s hardest problems for the greater good of humanity.
  • TVL Commercialization Fellow – an opportunity to work with a STEM-based company that is taking an intellectual property to market.
  • TVL Founder in Residence Fellow (FIR) – TVL will connect you with mentors and resources to help bring your own startup to market.
  • TVL Ecosystem Fellow – an opportunity to work with educational and investment programs that fuel the startup ecosystem.


TVL Startup Fellows are selected based on an application and interview process. The TVL Startup Fellows program offers two cohorts: a school-year cohort that runs from September to May and a summer cohort that runs from June to August.

Interested UT-Austin graduate students and graduate student alumni are encouraged to apply here for the TVL Startup Fellows.