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Essential, rewarding, and in always in demand, energy employees are well compensated. Whether innovators bringing new ideas to life or engineers exploring ways to harness and store power, the energy industry is looking for the best…you!

Where do you see yourself?

Energy Finance

Energy finance connects energy markets and financial markets and requires a look at energy products/markets from a financial perspective.

Law & Policy

Energy law encompasses every other type of law, and then some.  M&A, environmental, litigation, employment and securities are some of the basic legal services energy companies need.  In addition, offshore producers employ maritime attorneys, land-based drillers need oil & gas lawyers, and new tech companies require intellectual property lawyers. 

There’s truly something for everyone in energy.

Energy Integration

Energy integration is the sequence and/or combination of activities beginning with energy research/exploration through development/production and beyond to marketing of various forms of energy to be delivered directly consumer or to further processing for consumption.

Energy Transition

Energy transition refers to the process of shifting the global economy’s production and consumption of energy from traditional carbon-intensive means to more sustainable alternatives (including renewables such as solar, wind) with the objective of significantly reducing the carbon footprint and emission of greenhouse gases, while preserving access to reliable and affordable energy.


Energy technology is concerned with developing systems capable of producing, transporting and delivering energy in a way that is safe, economical and, increasingly, environmentally-friendly.

Oil & Gas Value Chain

Energy value chain involves the sequence of activities that occur from the supply sources to trading mechanisms, by which oil, oil products, and gas, are sold in the wholesale markets.

Women in Energy
  • Women in Energy

    The Women in Energy Panel connects students with female professionals who will share the experiences that helped shape their successful careers in the energy industry. The event enables students from McCombs, Law, Engineering, and Geoscience to learn from female energy leaders who have been able to succeed in an industry that is heavily comprised of men.
  • Energy and Law

    Our Energy Law Industry night is a partnership between our Center and the Texas Journal for Oil and gas Law. Together we will bring industry professionals to law students who will discuss career pathways followed by a networking reception.
  • DE&I in Energy

    Our annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion event celebrates diverse professionals within the energy industry by hosting a speaker or panel for a discussion with UT Austin Students. The focus of the discussion is to be about creating a climate of equity and inclusion that fosters diversity within the industry.
Case Competition for Students
  • Energy Finance Case Competition

    Students will be expected to perform financial analysis of the target company, market analysis of the sector the company occupies, and a variety of valuation analyses to support an investment recommendation. Students are paired with council member mentors and lead sponsor will have the option to write the case and judge.
Our nation and world order can’t function without energy. It takes energy to cool/heat our homes, provide food, clean water, transportation, communication, medicine and much more. Life requires energy and the EMP at McCombs provides the educational background to sustain life.
Bill Phillips