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The Spring Energy Summit

Friday, March 29 | 8:00 am – 1:00 pm | AT&T Hotel & Conference Center | Open to ALL students at UT!

Energizing the Future:
Powering Careers in Energy


The Spring Energy Summit, held as part of UT Energy Week, is a bridge-building event that will facilitate connections and collaborations between students and industry leaders. The 2024 Summit will feature a series of thought-provoking panels and discussions led by students and professionals in the energy industry.


Learn, collaborate, and engage with university peers, alumni, and energy leaders who are making an impact in the industry.




Panels & Speakers

Morning Keynote – How to Start and Build an Energy Company


Matt Gallagher, Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer of Greenlake Energy



Cameron Andrews, LBJ Masters of Public Affairs Student; Regulatory Policy Analyst at Austin Energy.

Panel 1 – Mapping a Career in Energy, and Opportunities and Pitfalls Along the Way


Scott McNeill, CEO of Black Mountain Sand
Blake Williams, CEO of Wild Basin Energy



Kendal Valois, Economics and Energy Management Student
Lynsie Patschke, Energy and Earth Resources Student

Panel 2 – Energy Transition in the Current Energy Value Chain


Teague Egan, Founder and CEO of EnergyX
David Pruner, Executive Director of TEX-E



Nazmun Samiya, Economics and Energy Management Student
Aaron Hall, MBA Student


  • Cameron Andrews

    Moderator | Regulatory Policy Analyst, Austin Energy; Master of Public Affairs Student, LBJ School of Public Affairs
  • Teague Egan

    Chairman and CEO, EnergyX
  • Matt Gallagher

    Founder, President – Chief Executive Officer, Greenlake Energy
  • Aaron Hall

    Moderator | MBA Student, McCombs School of Business
  • Scott McNeill

    CEO, Black Mountain Sand
  • Lynsie Patschke

    Moderator | Energy and Earth Resources Student, Jackson School of Geosciences
  • David Pruner

    Executive Director, TEX-E
  • Nazmun Samiya

    Moderator | Economics and Energy Management Student, McCombs School of Business
  • Kendal Valois

    Moderator | Sustainability Studies and Energy Management Student; College of Liberal Arts, McCombs School of Business
  • UT Tower through Leaves

    Blake Williams

    CEO, Wild Basin Energy

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