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The KBH Energy Center Podcast

The KBH Energy Center is supported and led by exceptionally experienced and successful individuals from the energy industry. Tune in on our podcast to gain valuable insights from these experts.

  • Ideas that change the world

    The KBH Energy Center podcast is home to a series of insightful conversations surrounding all things energy. Join us as we dive into this complex industry with experts, faculty, and members of our community.


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A Conversation on the State of Foreign Affairs With Secretary Antony J. Blinken

On October 4, 2023, UT welcomed Secretary Antony J. Blinken, the 71st Secretary of State of the United States, for a conversation with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison on the state of foreign affairs.



A Conversation With J.P. Morgan Executive Michael Cembalest

In this episode, you’ll hear from our Symposium morning keynote speaker, Michael Cembalest, as he discusses his latest “Eye on the Market” Annual Energy Paper. Followed by a conversation with Maynard Holt, Founder and CEO of Veriten.



What’s New in the Global Hydrocarbon Markets?

In this episode, you’ll listen to the “What's New in the Global Hydrocarbon Markets?” session from our 8th Annual Symposium. Here, a panel of energy industry executives will discuss the latest views from the large integrated oil companies.



How Do We Meet Growing Electricity Demand?

In this episode, you’ll hear a group of industry leaders addresses the question “How Do We Meet Growing Electricity Demand?”. A conversation that will focus on the challenges and opportunities associated with the fast-rising need for electricity.


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“We’re In Deterrence Of War Mode Right Now” Featuring Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Secretary Dan Brouillette

In this unique C.O.B. Tuesday podcast episode, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Former Energy Secretary Brouillette, and Veriten CEO Maynard Holt discussed a number of emerging technologies that are the driving force behind America’s remarkable energy production.



A Conversation with Dr. Paul Edgar and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

Dr. Paul Edgar, the executive director of the William P. Clements, Jr. Center for National Security at the University of Texas-Austin, sat down with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison to discuss energy and national security. The conversation focused on energy security, its relevance for U.S. national security, and how a more effective energy policy would allow for a more robust response to global crises.

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