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The KBH Energy Center Podcast

The KBH Energy Center is supported and led by exceptionally experienced and successful individuals from the energy industry. Tune in on our podcast to gain valuable insights from these experts.

  • Ideas that change the world

    The KBH Energy Center podcast is home to a series of insightful conversations surrounding all things energy. Join us as we dive into this complex industry with experts, faculty, and members of our community.


The following episodes are part of a three-part series recapping our 2024 Spring Energy Summit. Listen to these and more recordings on Spotify.



How to Start and Build an Energy Company

In this episode, you'll listen to our Morning Keynote, "How to Start and Build an Energy Company" featuring Matt Gallagher (Founder, President, and CEO of Greenlake Energy). Moderated by Cameron Andrews (Masters of Public Affairs Student at the LBJ School of Public Affairs; Regulatory Policy Analyst at Austin Energy). Mr. Gallagher's keynote keynote discusses his journey from Parsley Energy to founding Greenlake Energy, sharing insights and career advice for aspiring professionals.



Mapping a Career in Energy, and Opportunities and Pitfalls Along the Way

In this episode, you'll hear Panel One, "Mapping a Career in Energy, and Opportunities and Pitfalls Along the Way" featuring Scott McNeill (CEO, of Black Mountain Sand) and Blake Williams (CEO of Wild Basin Energy). Moderated by Kendal Valois (Sustainability Studies and Energy Management Student) and Lynsie Patschke (Energy and Earth Resources Student).


This panel explored both speakers' transition into CEO roles, discussing the guiding influences and experiences shaping their leadership paths. They emphasized essential skills across industries, opportunities in the current energy landscape, and offered advice for students considering careers in the industry.



Energy Transition in the Current Energy Value Chain

In this episode, you'll hear Panel Two, "Energy Transition in the Current Energy Value Chain" featuring Teague Egan (Founder and CEO of EnergyX) and David Pruner (Executive Director of TEX-E). Moderated by Nazmun Samiya (Economics and Energy Management Student) and Aaron Hall (MBA Student).


This panel explored the energy transition, emphasizing renewables' integration into sectors like oil and gas. They discussed industry misconceptions, startup lessons, and advice for aspiring professionals.




“We’re In Deterrence Of War Mode Right Now” Featuring Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Secretary Dan Brouillette

In this unique C.O.B. Tuesday podcast episode, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Former Energy Secretary Brouillette, and Veriten CEO Maynard Holt discussed a number of emerging technologies that are the driving force behind America’s remarkable energy production.



A Conversation with Dr. Paul Edgar and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

Dr. Paul Edgar, the executive director of the William P. Clements, Jr. Center for National Security at the University of Texas-Austin, sat down with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison to discuss energy and national security. The conversation focused on energy security, its relevance for U.S. national security, and how a more effective energy policy would allow for a more robust response to global crises.

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