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Texas Energy Capital (TEC) is a student-managed investment fund powered by the Kay Bailey Hutchison Energy Center.

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  • Learn Through Real-World Security Analysis

    TEC is focused on providing a learning opportunity by offering real-world security analysis in the energy industry. Our analyst program may benefit students interested in the energy industry from stock pitches to alumni networking events.

Student Opportunities

  • Pitch Investment Opportunities

    During the semester, analysts will have the opportunity to collaborate in teams to pitch unique investments to the rest of the organization.
  • Diligence Emerging Industries

    Aside from pitching investments, analysts will be given industry research projects to enhance their understanding of the energy markets.
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    Track Investments & Fundamental Analysis

    After selecting an investment, analysts will be responsible for maintaining investment perspectives, keeping up with changing markets, and delivering a recommendation.
From the Founder
“Texas Energy Capital was founded to provide students with an enriched learning opportunity. In TEC, students are driven to research emerging industries, collaborate with other students, and use their skills to contribute to a growing organization.”


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Meet the Executive Board

  • Shawn Mucklai

  • Rushil Chander

    Director of Operations
  • Arifah Momin

  • Emaan Moon

    Director of Marketing
  • Andrew Sall

    Traditional Energy Portfolio Manager (PM)
  • Akash Krishna

    Sustainable Energy Portfolio Manager (PM)
  • Jatin Rao - Sustainable Energy Portfolio Manager (PM)

    Sustainable Energy Portfolio Manager (PM)