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Deirdre Mendez

Director, Center for Global Business

Department:     Business, Government & Society

Deirdre Mendez headshot
Deirdre Mendez headshot

Deirdre B. Mendez, Ph.D., is an intercultural consultant, speaker, and author who helps U.S. companies and their international partners identify and resolve culture-based problems. Her book, The Culture Solution, facilitates self-guided problem-solving for international executives.

Following two decades as a consultant in international business relations, Deirdre came to the Center for Global Business at the McCombs School of Business, where she is now Director. She is responsible for implementing global strategy for the McCombs School, creating international opportunities for UT faculty and students, and engaging alumni in international programs at McCombs.

Deirdre is a faculty member in McCombs’ department Business, Government, and Society. She teaches intercultural management, team building and leadership to undergraduates, MBA students, and executives in the US and abroad.

PhD, The University of Texas at Austin, 1986

BA, Tulane University, 1981 (magna cum laude)