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Hank Smith

Director, Atwell-Group

Department:     Industry Partner

Additional Titles:     Instructor for "Winning! What Auto Racing Teaches Us About Success in Business"

Headshot of TEE Faculty Hank Smith
Headshot of TEE Faculty Hank Smith

Hank is a graduate from the University of Texas with a degree in Civil Engineering and over 42 years working in Austin in the Land Development Business.  He is a Director with Atwell-Group and has been a leader and owner of several of several engineering firms in Central Texas.  Hank has developed hundreds of residential and commercial properties and worked on most of the master planned communities in Central Texas.  As a past president of the Home Builders Association of Central Texas and current Chair of the City of Austin Platting and Zoning Commission he takes a lead role in shaping the housing and Commercial development industry in and around Central Texas.

Hank’s dad test drove cars and trucks for Goodyear in the 50’s where he helped test tires during the development of the radial tire and that helped encourage Hank’s interest in cars and driving his entire life.  Hank has a competition racing license with NASA and competes in the SPEC E46 series and has been on the podium many times in his career.  Hank also works as an instructor and has his Porsche Club of America “PCA” instructors certification and has many years driving and instructing High Performance Driving around Texas.  Hank also teaches young drivers as part of the Tire Rack program which takes 16-year-olds out to a test track to learn the basics of car control on a skid pad.  He also gets to deliver new Porsches to customers as part of the Porsche Delivery program and teach them how to drive their cars around the Circuit of the Americas where he has thousands of laps racing, driving and instructing.