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Ross Sabolcik

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Silicon Laboratories

Department:     Industry Partner

Additional Titles:     Instructor for "Winning! What Auto Racing Teaches Us About Success in Business"

Headshot of Ross Sabolcik
Headshot of Ross Sabolcik

Ross Sabolcik is a Senior Vice President and General Manager at Silicon Laboratories managing the Industrial and Commercial Internet of Things business unit.  Silicon Labs is a recognized industry leaders in wireless semiconductor products which are used by thousands of customers worldwide to build smart, wirelessly connected devices.  Silicon Labs customers span a wide range of applications from industrial use cases like electric meters and solar panels used to build a more resilient electric grid, to consumer products like smart thermostats and lighting used in the home.  With over 30 years’ experience in the high-tech industry, Ross has served in a variety of roles from hardware and software development, customer support, marketing, and numerous senior leadership positions.

An avid gearhead his whole life, Ross has a passion for cars and racing.  He participates in numerous racing and high performance driving events.  His interests include bringing the technologies developed for the Internet of Things to the wireless monitoring and diagnostics of high-performance vehicles and the lessons of racing and driving into the business world.