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Tim Strehl

President and Co-Founder, Element 26 Technology

Department:     Industry Partner

Additional Titles:     Instructor for for "Winning! What Auto Racing Teaches Us About Success in Business"

Headshot of Tim Strehl
Headshot of Tim Strehl

Tim is proven C-suite executive with over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry.  He is President and Co-Founder of Element 26 Technology, a startup company focused on production and commercialization of potassium ferrate, a very strong and environmentally friendly oxidant focused on water disinfection applications.  Prior to this, he led the very successful stand up of Ascend Performance Materials, a privately equity owned company established through acquisition of Solutia’s (formerly Monsanto) nylon business.

From an early age, Tim has always had a passion for driving, having started his driving career in western Kentucky at the age of 7 where he shared a home-built go kart with his older brother.  His true passion for high performance driving was ignited when he was invited by BMW to his first track event at the Nurburgring Nordschleife in Germany.  His BMW instructor and a co-driver encouraged him to pursue his passion and after purchase of a Porsche GT3RS, he became a regular at Texas World Speedway until it was closed, at that point Circuit of the Americas became his home track.

His passion for driving is equalled by his passion for helping others understanding and feel the experience of driving a car to balance, at the limit. He has driven and instructed at more than 27 tracks in the US and Europe, including more than 3000 laps at the Circuit of the Americas.