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Andres Almazan

Director of Canfield Business Honor Program

Department:     Finance

Additional Titles:     Professor; Bank of America Centennial Fellow

Industry Areas:     Business Management, Capital Markets, Investment Banking

Research Areas:     Agency Theory, Banking, Capital Markets, Capital Structure, Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions

Andres Almazan is a professor of finance and director of the Canfield Business Honors Program for The University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business. Along with working to bolster student success with the Business Honors Program, he has taught courses on finance and economics since 2011.

Almazan is a respected researcher in finance and investment strategy, with published papers on financial structure, firm success, investment strategy, and the labor market being in several journals, including the Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, the Journal of Financial Economics, and The Journal of Finance. He has also been invited to present his research at financial conferences such as the Finance Forum in Madrid and events at the University of Amsterdam, McGill University, and Michigan State University.

His expertise in economics has been sought by editorial boards, as he served as a referee for the American Economic Review, the European Economic Review, the International Journal of Finance, and the Journal of Corporate Finance.

Almazan earned a Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also holds a master’s in economics from CEMFI, Madrid, and a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Málaga.  





Outstanding Faculty Award: Elective Class (HMBA-Houston)



Outstanding Faculty Award: Elective Class (HMBA-Houston)


Joe D. Beasley Award for MBA Teaching at McCombs School of Business


Outstanding Faculty Award: Elective Class (HMBA-Houston)


Outstanding Faculty Award: Elective Class (EMBA-Mexico City)



Outstanding Faculty Award: Elective Class (HMBA-Houston)


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