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Aydogan Alti

Associate Professor

Department:     Finance

Research Areas:     Finance - Corporate

Aydogen Alti



Professional Awards

Jack Treynor Prize



Brattle Prize for Distinguished Paper in the Journal of Finance 


Brattle Prize for Distinguished Paper in the Journal of Finance



Alexander Henderson Award for Excellence in Economic Theory, Carnegie Mellon University



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Aydogan Alti and Paul C. Tetlock. 2014. Biased Beliefs, Asset Prices, and Investment: A Structural Approach. Journal of Finance 69(1), 325-361.


Aydogan Alti and Johan Sulaeman. 2012. When Do High Stock Returns Trigger Equity Issues? Journal of Financial Economics 103 (1), 61-87.


Aydogan Alti, Ron Kaniel, and Uzi Yoeli. 2012. Why Do Institutional Investors Chase Return Trends? Journal of Financial Intermediation 21(4), 694-721.


Aydogan Alti. 2006. How Persistent Is the Impact of Market Timing on Capital Structure? Journal of Finance 61, 1681-1710.


Aydogan Alti. 2005. IPO Market Timing. Journal of Finance 18, 1105-1138.


Aydogan Alti. 2003. How Sensitive Is Investment To Cash Flow When Financing Is Frictionless? Journal of Finance 58, 707-722.