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Ioannis (Yannis) Stamatopoulos

Associate Professor

Department:     Information, Risk & Operations Management

Ioannis Stamatopoulos



McCombs CBA Foundation Research Excellence Award

Naveed Chehrazi, Robert Evan Sanders, and Ioannis Stamatopoulos.
Inventory Information Frictions Explain Price Rigidity in Perishable Groceries.
Marketing Science. Forthcoming.

Jacob Z. Zeng, Ashish Agarwal, and Ioannis Stamatopoulos. Promotional Inventory Displays: An Empirical Analysis Using IoT Data. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.  Forthcoming.

Ioannis Stamatopoulos and Rob Bray. Menu Costs and the Bullwhip Effect: Supply Chain Implications of Dynamic Pricing. Operations Research. Mar/Apr2022, Vol. 70 Issue 2, p748-765. 

Ioannis Stamatopoulos, Achal Bassamboo, and Antonio Moreno. 2021. The Effects of Menu Costs on Retail Performance: Evidence from Adoption of the Electronic Shelf Label Technology. Management Science 67(1), 242-256.

Achal Bassamboo, Antonio Moreno, and Ioannis Stamatopoulos. 2020. Inventory Auditing and Replenishment Using Point-of-sales Data. Production and Operations Management 29(5), 1219-1231.

Ioannis Stamatopoulos and Christos Tzamos. 2019. Design and Dynamic Pricing of Vertically Differentiated Inventories. Management Science 65(9), 4222-4241.

Ioannis Stamatopoulos, Naveed Chehrazi, and Achal Bassamboo. 2019. Welfare Implications of Inventory-Driven Dynamic Pricing. Management Science 65(12), 5741-5765.

Santiago Gallino, Antonio Moreno, and Ioannis Stamatopoulos. 2017. Channel Integration, Sales Dispersion, and Inventory Management. Management Science 63(9), 2813-2831.