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John N. Doggett, JD, MBA

Professor of Instruction

Department:     Management

Industry Areas:     Entrepreneurship & Sustainability, Global Competition

John Doggett headshot

John N. Doggett is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management. He received his B.A. from Claremont Men’s College, his J.D. from Yale Law School and his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. His research and teaching interests include international entrepreneurship, global competition and Sustainability and Energy. Since 1999, Professor Doggett has spent part of each summer and winter teaching courses on entrepreneurship and global competition in Austria, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Since the spring of 2003, Professor Doggett has led MBA students on annual two week observation tours of the People's Republic of China.



Outstanding Professor Award, Executive MBA Program


Outstanding Professor Award, Full-Time MBA Program


Outstanding Professor Award, Texas Evening MBA Program


Outstanding Elective Professor Award, Full-Time MBA Program


Outstanding Professor Award, Texas Executive MBA Program @ DFW


Outstanding Faculty Award, Executive Engineering Management Master’s class


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