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Magdalena Bennett

Assistant Professor

Department:     Information, Risk & Operations Management

Magdalena Bennett headshot


Magdalena Bennett, Juan Pablo Vielma, and Jose R. Zubizarreta. Building Representative Matched Samples With Multi-Valued Treatments in Large Observational Studies. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, forthcoming.

Magdalena Bennett. 2021. All Things Equal? Heterogeneity in Policy Effectiveness against COVID-19 Spread in Chile. World Development 137, 105208.

Magdalena Bennett and Peter Bergman. 2021. Better Together? Social Networks in Truancy and the Targeting of Treatment. Journal of Labor Economics 39(1), 1-36.

I. Hilliger, C. Gelmi, L. Cifiuentes, Magdalena Bennett, and J. de la Llera. 2018. Design and Implementation of an Alternative Admission Program to Engineering: Talent and Inclusion. Studies of Higher Education (CSHE) 43(8), 1454-1467.