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Michael Sockin

Assistant Professor

Department:     Finance

Industry Areas:     Capital Markets, Microfinance, Security Valuation and Analysis

Research Areas:     Capital Markets, Economics, Equilibrium Asset Pricing, Information Economics

Michael Sockin

Michael Sockin is an assistant professor of finance at McCombs School of Business. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University in 2015. His research focuses on the intersection between finance, public finance, and macroeconomics, with an emphasis on the real effects of financial market frictions.



Professional Awards

USC Marshall School of Business Trefftzs Award, WFA



Cubist Systematic Strategies Ph.D. Candidate Award for Outstanding Research, WFA



Harold W. Dodds Fellowship, Princeton University



Stuart I. Greenbaum "Ph.D. Outstanding Paper" Award



Performance Excellence Award, FRBNY (also 2009)


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Michael Sockin, and Mindy Z. Xiaolan.  Nov 2023.
Delegated Learning and Contract Commonality in Asset Management.

Review of Finance 27(6): 1931-1975.

Michael Sockin, and Wei Xiong. Feb 2023. Decentralization Through Tokenization. Journal of Finance 78(1): 247-299.

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