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Rui Gao

Assistant Professor

Department:     Information, Risk & Operations Management

Rui Gao headshot


Jie Wang, Rui Gao, and Hongyuan Zha. Reliable Off-Policy Evaluation for Reinforcement Learning. Operations Research.  Forthcoming.

Rui Gao. Finite-Sample Guarantees for Wasserstein Distributionally Robust Optimization: Breaking the Curse of Dimensionality.
Operations Research. Forthcoming.

Ruijiang Gao, Max Biggs, Wei Sun, Ligong Han. Enhancing Counterfactual Classification via Self-Training. Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, forthcoming.

Cheng Wang, Rui Gao, Wei Wei, Miadreza Shafie-khah, Tianshu Bi, and Joao P.S. Catalao. 2019. Risk-Based Distributionally Robust Optimal Gas-Power Flow with Wasserstein Distance. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 34(3), 2190-2204.