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Subrina Shen

Assistant Professor

Department:     Management

Staff Profile


Xirong (Subrina) Shen, Heeyon Kim, and Jizhen Li.  2022. Funding Ventures Similar to One of Us: How Status Dynamics within Heterogeneous Groups Affect Venture Evaluation. Strategic Management Journal 43(10): 2135-2155.

Xirong Shen, Huisi (Jessica) Lia, and Pamela S. Tolbert. Converging Tides Lift All Boats: Consensus in Evaluation Criteria Boosts Investments in Firms in Nascent Technology Sectors. Organization Science, forthcoming.

Wesley D. Sine and Xirong Shen. 2020. Jason Owen-Smith: Research Universities and the Public Good: Discovery for an Uncertain Future. Administrative Science Quarterly 65(3), NP30-NP32.