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Subrina Shen

Assistant Professor

Department:     Management

Staff Profile


Funding Ventures Similar to One of Us: How Status Dynamics within Heterogeneous Groups Affect Venture Evaluation. Xirong (Subrina) Shen, Heeyon Kim, Jizhen Li. Strategic Management Journal. Forthcoming.   

Xirong Shen, Huisi (Jessica) Lia, and Pamela S. Tolbert. Converging Tides Lift All Boats: Consensus in Evaluation Criteria Boosts Investments in Firms in Nascent Technology Sectors. Organization Science, forthcoming.

Wesley D. Sine and Xirong Shen. 2020. Jason Owen-Smith: Research Universities and the Public Good: Discovery for an Uncertain Future. Administrative Science Quarterly 65(3), NP30-NP32.