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Timothy Werner


Department:     Business, Government & Society

Industry Areas:     Business Management, Public Policy

Research Areas:     Corporate Social Responsibility, Governmental Regulation, Public Policy

Timothy Werner headshot



McCombs Research Excellence Award


Best Paper Award, Stakeholder & Nonmarket Strategy Track, Academy of Management Annual Meeting


Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Management, Organization and Management Theory Division


Best Conference Paper Award, Strategic Management Society Annual Meeting


Emerging Scholar Award, American Political Science Association, Political Organizations and Parites Section


Best Book Award (finalist), Academy of Management, Social Issues in Management Division

Pei Sun, Jonathan Doh, Tazeeb Rajwani, Timothy Werner, and Xiaowei Rose Luo. Mar 2024.
The Management of Socio-Political Issues and Environments: Toward a Research Agenda for Corporate Socio-Political Engagement.
Journal of Management Studies 61:2 (277-306).

The Evolving Political Marketplace: Revisiting 60 Years of Theoretical Dominance Through a Review of Corporate Political Activity Scholarship in Business & Society and Major Management Journals. By: Stefanie Lenway, Douglas Schuler, Richard Marens, Timothy Werner, and Colby Green. Business and Society. May 2022. Vol. 61(5): 1416-147

Timothy Werner, Amanda Shanor, and Mary-Hunter McDonnell. Corporate Political Power: The Politics of Reputation and Traceability. Emory Law Journal, forthcoming.


Firm Partisan Positioning, Polarization, and Risk Communication: Examining Voluntary Disclosures on COVID‐19. By: Richard A. Benton, J. Adam Cobb, Timothy Werner. Strategic Management Journal. Apr2022, Vol. 43 Issue 4, p697-723.  

Nan Jia, Stanislav Markus, and Timothy Werner.  April 2023. Theoretical Light in Empirical Darkness: Illuminating Strategic Concealment of Corporate Political Activity. Academy of Management Review 48(2): 264-291.

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