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William Cunningham


Department:     Marketing

Additional Titles:     James L. Bayless Chair for Free Enterprise

Industry Areas:     Airlines, Dot-com Industry, Marketing Management

Research Areas:     Corporate Governance, Marketing Strategy, Role of Chief Executive Office

William Cunningham headshot

Dr. Cunningham served as Dean of the College and Graduate School of Business (1983-85), President of The University of Texas at Austin (1985-1992), and Chancellor of The University of Texas System (1992-2000). Dr. Cunningham serves on a number of public corporate boards including Southwest Airlines, Lincoln Financial, John Hancock Mutual Funds, LIN TV, and Resolute Energy Corporation. His current research interests focus on corporate governance and marketing strategy.



Teaching Awards

McCombs School of Business Hall of Fame



The University of Texas Presidential Citation



Distinguished Alumnus Award, Michigan State University



Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree, Michigan State University



Jewish National Fund Tree of Life Award



Outstanding Texas Leader, John Ben Shepperd Leadership Forum



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