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Yan Leng

Assistant Professor

Department:     Information, Risk & Operations Management

Yan Leng



National Science Foundation CRII Award


Marketing Science Institute Grant


RMP Data-Driven Research Challenge, Second place


Learning to Infer Structure of Network Games. By: Emanuele Rossi, Federico Monti, Yan Leng, Michael Bronstein, Xiaowen Dong. International Conference on Machine Learning.  Forthcoming.

Liu, Meijun; Bu, Yi; Chen, Chongyan; Xu, Jian; Li, Daifeng; Leng, Yan; et al. 2022. Pandemics are Catalysts of Scientific Novelty: Evidence from COVID‐19. Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology, 73(8): 1065-1078.

Chenbo Fu, Yinan Xia, Xinchen Yue, Shanqing Yu, Yong Min, Qingpeng Zhang, and Yan Leng. A Novel Spatiotemporal Behavior-Enabled Random Walk Strategy on Online Social Platforms. IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems , forthcoming.


Yan Leng, Sharon Strover, and Ying Ding. Misinformation during the COVID-19 Outbreak in China: Cultural, Social, and Political Implications. IEEE Transactions on Big Data, forthcoming.


Yan Leng, Jinhua Zao , and Haris N. Koutsopoulos. Leveraging Individual and Collective Regularity to Profile and Segment User Locations from Mobile Phone Data. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems.