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Meet Texas MSTC program faculty, students and alumni as they provide an overview of our Masters of Science in Technology Commercialization degree


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"Working with a team brings that reality to the classroom"


Class of 2018

McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business

One Year. Alternating Weekends. Live or online.

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One year master's program focused on the intersection of business, technology and innovation.

The Texas MSTC Program is taught by the top-ranked McCombs School of Business faculty, and focuses on experiential learning designed to teach the skill-set needed to compete in a global economy. Launched in 1996 out of the IC2 Institute, the Texas MSTC Program combines cutting-edge technology, hands-on entrepreneurship and world-class education, resulting in the creation of innovative ventures and products.

This one-year immersion in technology entrepreneurship is nearing two decades of operation, and it remains one of the most popular programs for professionals who want to take innovations to market. The coursework combines cutting-edge technology, hands-on entrepreneurship and a proprietary approach for reaching "go-no-go" decisions in the startup phase. MSTC startup successes include Alafair Biosciences, Beyonic, and Seismos. 

Application Dates

Application Launch

Open Date: July 2, 2018

Round 1

Application Due: September 10, 2018

Round 2

Application Due: October 29, 2018

Round 3

Application Due: December 17, 2018
* International applicant deadline 

Quick Admit

Application Due: January 26, 2019

Final Round

Application Due: February 25, 2019

Applications are due no later than 11:59 p.m. CST on the day of the application deadline.

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Program Highlights

Flexible Schedule >

Flexible Schedule

Designed for working professionals, students attend class every other weekend—Friday evening and all day Saturday—either on campus or online. In addition to weekend classes, the Spring and Fall semesters each begin with a week-long residence here in Austin. In December of your Fall semester, you’ll get to apply your knowledge as part of the much anticipated global trip to a location such as Singapore, Brazil, or Israel.

If your schedule gets too busy you can even attend your classes remotely online.


Participants may choose to attend Texas MSTC class weekends on campus in Austin, via synchronous webcast, or utilize a combination of the two options. As classes are archived online after the live session, participants may watch the lectures later if they are unable to make the live class or desire review. Candidates may complete their degree without ever attending the weekend classes in Austin, but are required to attend May Launch Week, August Launch Week, and the International Trip in person.

Our online students follow the same rigorous curriculum as the students that attend person, and the majority of project teams will have a combination of both online and in-person students. Our online students participate live during classes via live web streams and follow the same assignment schedules as their in-person counterparts. The online education option for our one-year master's degree provides maximum flexibility and convenience to those who work or reside beyond the Central Texas area.

Austin, TX

It doesn't get better than this. With endless sunshine, a highly educated population, and a vibrant, healthy culture, Austin is an amazing place to build a life and a company.

46 incubators, accelerators, makers, and co-working spaces
4,744 high-tech companies
#1 Top City for Tech Businesses Globally (Wall Street Journal, 2015)
#2 Fastest Growing City in America (Forbes, 2015)
One of 5 Cities Poised to be the Next Silicon Valley Tech Hub (Forbes, 2015)
#3 Best City in the Nation to Launch a Startup (Forbes, 2014)
#2 Best Performing City in annual assessment of Where America's Tech Jobs are Created and Sustained (Milken Institute, 2014)

Real-world, hands-on

Students work with real technologies developed at UT and other leading universities across the US. Occasionally students will work on developing their own idea, or licensable tech from leading organizations like NASA. Throughout the year students compete in business plan competitions judged by entrepreneurs, investors, and MSTC graduates, and dive into the fast and growing startup world. The Texas MSTC Program was first launched in 1996 to train business professionals to commercialize the technologies emerging from the university. Since 1996, several businesses have launched out of the Texas MSTC Program including Apptronik, Alafair Biosciences, Datical, MedNoxa, Seismos.

Not technical

This program focuses on profitably bringing new products and businesses to market, rather than the technical creation of technologies. You will be asked to do technology market research projects to discover answers to how this technology will be profitable. You do not need to understand how to build the tech or how it works, you need to understand what it does and see if anyone cares what it does. That's not a technical question, that's a business question.

Upcoming Events

October 23rd, 2018 6:00pm - 8:00pm
November 27th, 2018 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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JD Valdez

Global Strategic Account Manager, Mitratech 
Class of 2011

"It's great whenever you work with a client that is struggling and you are able to help them with your software, it’s a very rewarding feeling."

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Lisa Deluca

IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Commerce 
Class of 2010

"I love inventing in the cognitive space. The program took us from idea to launch."

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Molly Mae Potter

COO, Secure Logic
Class of 2018

"It was a great combination of not only the business acumen I was looking to gain but also it married with my technical background."

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Robert Reeves

CTO & Founder, Datical 
Class of 2012

"To not always work on the technical solution but to be exposed to marketing, finance, accounting...That was invaluable as I took on this role as CTO and founder at my next start up."

Watch Robert's Story