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Today's fast-paced business environment presents our graduates with personal and professional challenges. This is especially true for our alumni facing the competitive world of senior-level job searching, recruitment, and placement. We invite you to explore the McCombs Alumni career resources website to take advantage of the many tools available.

Upcoming Career Webinars

The McCombs Alumni Network is pleased to offer opportunities for alumni professional development. Career coaches share their expertise on topics like networking, branding, interviewing, and influencing through these monthly interactive webinars. These webinars show you how to strengthen your competitive advantage in the workplace. You can learn valuable tips that will increase your confidence and enhance your marketability as an employee, whether you’re searching for a new job or seeking a promotion.

Would you or someone you know make a fascinating career webinar presenter? We are looking for a presenter to share their expertise on topics like networking, branding, job search, and leadership. Email us at

Slides, audio and video will all be shared via the web through Adobe Connect during the live webinar. Attendees will have a chance to ask questions of the speaker through live chat comments during the session. If you have never attended a Connect Pro meeting, you can prepare in advance of the webinar by testing your connection

All sessions will be recorded and shared following the live session. View past career webinars.

Past Webinars

Speaker Date Topic

Stacey Harmon

8 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand on Social Media

Do you have a strategy for your personal brand? As Tom Peters said in Fast Company, "All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You."

Recruiters, prospects, and customers all develop instant opinions of you through social profiles and a simple web search of your name. Empower your digital personal brand in this session with Stacey Harmon's 8 guiding principles, each designed for the socially savvy and not-so-savvy alike. Whether you've been marketing online for years or are still struggling to get started, this session is guaranteed to enrich your knowledge of personal brand building on social sites and craft a positive, professional, and likable image of you in today's digital world.

Harmon Enterprises is led by Principal Stacey Harmon, who brings over 19 years of marketing experience to her perspective. Stacey's marketing career began in 1995 when she started working in the in-house marketing department of Newport Beach’s premier residential brokerage. Stacey’s work history spans marketing, technology, real estate sales, operations, and entrepreneurship. Her experience, coupled with an MBA from the University of California, Irvine, has led Stacey to establish Harmon Enterprises, where she can exercise her passion for social media strategy, modern marketing, and powerful, digital workflows that transform businesses.

Stacey is an Evernote Business Certified Consultant (EBCC) and Evernote's Marketing Ambassador. Among Evernote's 100 million users, EBCC's 25 member inaugural class and approximately 60 ambassadors worldwide, she is truly one in a million. In addition to her consulting efforts, she has authored two books: "Facebook Page Marketing: Content Strategies for Real Estate" and "Untethered with Evernote: Tips and Workflows for Independent Entrepreneurs." Stacey has established herself as a nationally recognized expert who speaks on effective digital branding, social media marketing, and digital workflow management through Evernote.

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Julie Miller and Brian Bedford

How To Create an Accountability-Based Culture That Sticks

Is lack of accountability limiting your organization's success? Do any of the following "accountability killers" exist in your team?

  • Feedback doesn't exist
  • Committing to do something, but not following through
  • Taking credit for someone else’s contribution
  • Blaming others
  • Hoping someone else will fix the problem
If so, Julie Miller and Brian Bedford of MillerBedford Executive Solutions can help you. Established in 2001, MillerBedford helps businesses and organizations improve strategy, culture, and leadership, while addressing issues that limit success. And, their clients actually have fun in the process! They also are co-authors of the book "Culture Without Accountability-WTF? What’s The Fix?," which is full of real life stories of what accountability looks like and what can go wrong in its absence. This book offers a proven process for installing an accountability-based culture, a platform for success in business and in everyday life.

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Robbie Kellman Baxter

Beyond the Basics: Independent Consulting for the Experienced Consultant

You’re already living the dream. 

You’ve hung out your shingle as an independent consultant, are known as an expert consultant in your field, and are making six figures. What’s next? How do you take your consulting practice to the next level—whether that means more money, less labor, or new markets.

Join us for an inspiring, practical webinar, designed specifically for MBAs, and led by Robbie Kellman Baxter. Robbie has enjoyed tremendous success as an independent consultant, and is willing to share her tips with her fellow alumni. You’ll learn how to:

  • Generate referrals to higher level buyers
  • Price your projects based on value, not hours
  • Structure your projects to meet the needs of a wide range of buyers
  • Be a thought leader, both in writing and in person
  • Improve your first impression
  • Leverage your professional and academic affiliations to build your practice
  • Be more compelling and articulate when talking about your value
  • Identify and break through the roadblocks that hold you back
If you’re a successful professional services provider, or even if you’re just getting started and want to move quickly to build a successful practice, you need this webinar.

Robbie Kellman Baxter brings over twenty years of strategy consulting and marketing expertise to Peninsula Strategies. Her clients have included startups and mid-sized venture-backed companies as well as industry leaders such as Netflix, Yahoo!, Oracle, and eBay. Over the past ten plus years, Peninsula Strategies has advised nearly 100 organizations on growth strategy.

A sought-after writer and keynote speaker, Robbie has presented to alumni organizations at Stanford, Harvard, and Haas, as well as chapters of the Product Development and Management Association, the Business Marketing Round Table, and Women in Consulting. She has been quoted on business issues in the Wall Street Journal, eCommerce Times, and Tampa Bay Journal, and has been asked to write articles for American Venture, Marketing Profs, and Management Consulting News.

Robbie’s expertise with companies in the emerging membership economy extends to include SaaS models, subscription models, and the implications of social mobility. She applies marketing discipline to business strategy, whether serving as a retained advisor to the leadership team, conducting market research and validation to assess new opportunities, or developing and implementing marketing programs to identify, generate, and retain new leads and customers.

A longtime resident of Menlo Park, Robbie has developed strong relationships throughout the Silicon Valley community, with investors, attorneys, and business leaders.

Robbie received her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, graduated with honors from Harvard College, and is an active volunteer with both institutions.

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Amber Fogarty,

Partner and
Chief People Officer,
SOS Leadership Institute

Communicate Like the Leader You Are

Effective communication is one of the hallmarks of leadership, but the reality is that many leaders communicate primarily from their own comfort zone. The best leaders have a high level of self-awareness and the ability to adapt their communication style to the needs of the audience. This webinar will focus on becoming a more effective communicator by striving to understand your own communication style and the styles of others. Learn how to communicate like the leader you are!

Amber Fogarty is a partner and the chief people officer for SOS Leadership Institute, an organization committed to developing leaders that make a difference. SOS Leadership was recently honored by the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce with an award for FAVE Professional Development Source. Amber strives to empower and equip leaders to make a difference through coaching, training, and facilitation. Her primary area of focus is women’s leadership development, guiding women leaders through the process of understanding and owning their unique leadership style. Amber created the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program, a thriving year-long leadership program designed specifically for women who are committed to personal and professional growth, goal achievement, and learning. She also founded Austin Leading Ladies, a movement of dynamic, driven women who meet monthly to bring their leadership to life.

Amber has served as an adjunct faculty member for the School of Management and Business and the New College Program at St. Edward’s University, as well as the College of Business at Concordia University. She is also a specialty coach for the MBA+ Leadership Program at The University of Texas at Austin, which serves MBA students in the McCombs School of Business.

Prior to joining SOS Leadership, Amber spent eleven years as a marketing communications professional for both the nonprofit community and for-profit organizations. She currently serves as the board secretary for Mobile Loaves and Fishes, as well as a volunteer for the Outreach and Education Work Group for the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO). She is a proud alumna of the Leadership Austin Emerge Program and has served as a mentor for the Austin Young Chamber’s Apprentice Austin Program.

Amber received a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication and an MBA with a specialization in marketing from St. Edward’s University and a Master of Arts in philanthropy and development from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Follow up:

A Conference Call in Real Life YouTube Video

Communication self-assessment resources:

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Janis Cline,
Co-founder and Director,
BIZen Center
2014.02.13 Accomplishing More Without Adding Stress

Feeling stressed? Are you tired of working hard but have too much to do?

Did you know that feeling disorganized and overwhelmed not only robs you of productive time but also creates stress which steals energy and time from your life? The battle between productivity and relaxation is difficult to win when the ‘to do’ list becomes too much to handle. The only way to end this battle is to master the art of getting things done. Whether you have a time management system in place or not, the information in this webinar will help you:

- Learn the biggest mistakes people make when trying to accomplish goals
- Determine when you should and shouldn’t work on particular things
- Understand how to trust ‘things’ are handled so you can truly enjoy time off

This webinar highlights simple and practical ways you can start feeling proactive rather than reactive and enjoy downtime - guilt free.

Janis Cline, CH is a business hypnotist and productivity coach, workshop facilitator, and co-founder and director of the BIZen Center (a resource center to balance the mind, body, and emotional spirit of the business-minded individual).

Janis uses tools developed from her unique blend of system engineering, business expertise, NLP, and hypnosis to help her clients find and eliminate stumbling blocks that keep them from having what they want in life. She specializes in positioning businesses and individuals for growth and success through clarity, inner alignment, and vision-based action. Her clients learn how to execute their goals for long-term success with less stress and more confidence. She most recently served as productivity officer for an Austin-based wellness company and her business coaching portfolio includes financial advisors, insurance sales, network marketing professionals, coaches, acupuncturists, realtors, entrepreneurs, and engineering and IT professionals.

In 2011 Janis was interviewed for and featured in “Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches: Six Steps to Building Your Million-Dollar Coaching Practice” as she created success in building her client base. Janis is a member in good standing of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA). She holds a Master Practitioner certification in NLP and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

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Michelle Hardy and Stacey Rudnick, McCombs School of Business


Career Services for MBA Alumni

Join the MBA Career Services team as they will be giving MBA alumni an update on recruiting and resources at McCombs as well as on recruiting trends, networking opportunities, and ways to stay engaged with the MBA program. The webinar will also review the many McCombs and general university resources available to MBA alumni. The team wants to ensure MBA alumni are taking advantage of both recruiting opportunities and the value of the Texas MBA Network for professional advancement.

The agenda includes: introductions, McCombs and university resources available to MBA alumni, trends in MBA recruiting (salary, industry, and function), and MBA career events and alumni engagement.

Your webinar presenters are:

Michelle Hardy is the senior associate director of Employer Relations for MBA Career Management. She joined McCombs in 2007 as an assistant director in MBA Career Advising after eight years of service in the United States Air Force. Michelle has a Master of Arts in advertising from The University of Texas at Austin, a Master of Public Administration from the University of Washington, and a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Trinity University.

Stacey Rudnick has been director for MBA Career Services at McCombs since 2004. Prior to working at McCombs, Stacey worked as the senior associate director in the MBA Career Management Center for Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Stacey received her MBA from Goizueta Business School at Emory University and graduated from Duke University with a bachelor’s degree in art history. Stacey’s post graduate work experience includes brand management at Eastman-Kodak and marketing consulting at Viant. Her pre-MBA work experience was in retail management and buying with Nordstrom and Sears.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Janet Irving and Deli Moussavi-Bock, Fierce, Inc.


Fierce Conversations: Transforming Your Results through Candor And Collaboration

Based on Susan Scott's national best seller, Fierce Conversations is an award-winning methodology used by organizations worldwide. Fierce skills transform the conversations central to your individual and collective success. What gets talked about and how it gets talked about determines what will or won’t happen in your work, relationships, and life. Learn what it takes to improve the quality and effectiveness of your relationships and results long-term.

Join us to get a taste of Fierce Conversations with an overview of effective, immediately actionable models which structure high levels of engagement, collaboration, and deep-seated accountability from all stakeholders. Gain ideas and models that will shift your basic understanding of conversations and the power they hold in leadership, achieving results, and building collective responsibility.

Your webinar presenters are:

Janet Irving - Janet has worked with Fierce in the Schools for two years as director of education partnerships. Previously, she worked at Committee for Children, a Seattle-based nonprofit dedicated to developing social and emotional curricula for ages preschool through grade eight, as well as anti-bullying programs. She helped districts with implementation and sustainability strategies – similar to what she does at Fierce in the Schools.

Janet attended Washington State University as well as the University of Washington, studying education. She taught in the Seattle area for several years starting out in early childhood, and eventually “graduated” into elementary schools to work with non-proficient readers and writers. Teaching has always been a part of her core.

Deli Moussavi-Bock - Deli comes to Fierce with over 13 years of corporate experience in marketing, branding, and business development. Prior to joining Fierce, Deli spent seven years at RealNetworks—at the time a pioneer developing the streaming media market—fulfilling key roles in strategic marketing, branding, and business development both domestically and internationally.

In 2002, Deli helped launch Fierce, Inc. with Susan Scott following the publication of Susan’s national best seller, “Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and at Home, One Conversation at a Time.”

Having successfully run Fierce, Inc.’s marketing, business development, and client relations during the company’s early and critical stages of growth, Deli’s passion for education and communication has led her to dedicate a large portion of her time developing a division within Fierce, Inc.: Fierce in the Schools. Fierce now works globally with schools, equipping administrators, school leaders, staff, teachers, parents,and students with the skills to transform the conversations, and therefore the relationships and measurable results, central to their success.

Deli is a Fierce Facilitator and conducts keynotes, Fierce Conversations Workshops and Train-the-Trainer sessions for corporate, education, and nonprofit audiences.

Deli graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She enjoys writing and spending time with her family outdoors. Raised in a cross-cultural family of educators and entrepreneurs, she is passionate about building community as a powerful means to drive results.

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Amber Travis-Ballinas

Career Creators

Mastering the Art of Self-Promotion

Gain valuable information, practical skills, and best practices for effective self-promotion techniques useful in both your professional and personal lives.

  • Understand why self-promotion is critical
  • Learn how to develop the proper attitude for effective self-promotion
  • Discover how to promote yourself without seeming arrogant
  • Acquire skills and tactics to utilize the common tools available for self-promotion
  • Learn the "Top Ten Best Practices" for effective self-promotion
  • Realize common mistakes to avoid
Amber Travis-Ballinas, BBA ’91, is a career and image coach, college lecturer and small business owner. She is available to McCombs alumni through her company, Career Creators, an innovative consulting firm specializing in career and image coaching. Amber uses her expertise and real world experience to provide her clients with practical and relevant information and guides them in developing the strategies, actions and behaviors necessary for success in the hyper-competitive job market. Customized training and coaching services are tailored to the client's individual strengths and challenges and focus on improvements that produce tangible outcomes.

McCombs alumni receive a complimentary thirty minute phone consultation and 33 percent off regular consulting fees. For further details, contact Amber via email at or 512-788-2012.

Amber holds a bachelor’s degree in management from The University of Texas at Austin and a master’s degree specializing in international business management from The University of Saint Thomas in Houston (2004). She has almost 25 years of work experience in sales, marketing, business strategy, and human resources management.
Webinar Recording Presentation Slides
David Blocker
David Blocker,

Partner, FocalPoint Coaching of Greater Houston

Effective Delegation

Learning how to enable those around you to increase your organization's productivity

Telling someone to do something is easy, but your results may be less than spectacular. Delegating effectively is just as easy when you have the right tools, and your results will be dramatically better.

In his presentation, David Blocker covered the 11 Principles of Effective Delegation, including:

  • Determining which types of activities you should delegate
  • Identifying the appropriate individuals for delegation
  • Simple processes to delegate effectively
  • How to properly follow through with your delegate

David Blocker, MBA ’07, is a Certified Business Coach, public speaker, owner of Driven Business Solutions, and a partner in FocalPoint Coaching of Greater Houston. He believes that every business owner has the unique ability to surpass the expectations of their customers in all ways, the capability to work more efficiently while doing it, and has the desire and know-how within them to juggle the conflicting demands of work and personal life. He enjoys helping them uncover and cultivate those intrinsic talents and change their lives forever.

David has a Bachelor’s degree of Electrical Engineering from Florida State University, Master’s degree in Engineering Management from Southern Methodist University, and a MBA from the McCombs School of Business’ Executive MBA Program in Houston. He is PMI Certified in Project Management. Also, David served in the United States Air Force for nearly six years, and worked in product development for over 12 years in the functional areas of engineering, marketing, finance, accounting, legal, and manufacturing.

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Stephen Maeker
Stephen Maeker
Franchise Consultant, FranChoice

How To Build Wealth Via Franchising

This webinar will teach participants how to build wealth by investing in a franchise that is a great potential fit to what they seek. Key topics of discussion include: Longhorn alumni success stories, an overview of franchising, how to navigate through a Franchise Disclosure Document, alternatives to finding a franchise, the four keys to success, service vs. retail franchises, financing, and the primary advantages of franchising (versus opening a business yourself).

Stephen Maeker, franchise consultant for FranChoice, and former vice president of franchise sales for Papa Murphy’s Take-N-Bake Pizza, helps people investigate franchising via his free service. He represents 75 of the 3,000 franchisors, saving his clients an enormous amount of time. Stephen has built his career on being able to help people realize their professional dreams. He earned his BBA in 1990 and MBA in 1996 from The University of Texas at Austin and has also been an accomplished professor at the McCombs School of Business. He has spoken to numerous professional organizations and is recognized as a leading national franchise consultant by the Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Business Journal, and International Franchise Association.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

David Blocker
David Blocker
Partner, FocalPoint Coaching of Greater Houston

DISC - The Universal Language

Communication has three components – content, tone and body language. By looking beyond the words you are hearing and how they are being said, you can gain great insight into the individual. Without doing so, you risk missing your mark on the message with up to 75 percent of your audience. The same holds true for written communication with the message that you convey being more effective by the way that you communicate the message.

In his presentation on DISC - The Universal Language, David covered:

  • What is DISC
  • The benefits and applications of DISC
  • Style identification exercise
  • The four DISC behavioral styles
  • Tips for adapting to other styles
David Blocker, MBA ’07, is a Certified Business Coach, public speaker, owner of Driven Business Solutions and a partner in FocalPoint Coaching of Greater Houston. He believes that every business owner has the unique ability to surpass the expectations of their customers in all ways, the capability to work more efficiently while doing it and has the desire and know-how within them to juggle the conflicting demands of work and personal life. He enjoys helping them uncover and cultivate those intrinsic talents and change their lives forever.

David has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Florida State University, master’s degree in engineering management from Southern Methodist University, and he's a graduate of the Texas MBA at Houston program. He is PMI Certified in project management. David served in the United States Air Force for nearly six years, and then worked in product development for over 12 years, working closely with the functional areas of engineering, marketing, finance, accounting, legal and manufacturing.

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Amber Travis-Ballinas
Amber Travis-Ballinas
Owner, Career Creators

Personal Career Management and Development Strategies

Gain valuable information about how to maximize your personal career management and development strategies. Amber Travis-Ballinas covered:

The "real" goals of personal career management
How to understand the five stages of career development
How to create a strategic plan to maximize your potential during each stage
How to develop personal and practical career management initiatives
How to create a strategic plan to maximize each initiative
Additional resources for personal development
New hire best practices
Basic checklist for career success and common mistakes to avoid

Amber Travis-Ballinas, BBA ’91, is a career and image consultant, college lecturer and small business owner. She is available to McCombs alumni through her company, Career Creators, an innovative consulting firm specializing in career and image consulting. Amber uses her expertise and real world experience to provide her clients with practical and relevant information and guides them in developing the strategies, actions and behaviors necessary for success in the hyper-competitive job market. Customized training and coaching services are tailored to the client's individual strengths and challenges and focus on improvements that produce tangible outcomes.

Amber holds a bachelor’s degree in management from The University of Texas at Austin and a master’s degree specializing in international business management from The University of Saint Thomas in Houston (2004). She has almost 25 years of work experience in sales, marketing, business strategy and human resources management.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Nina Godiwalla
Nina Godiwalla
CEO, MindWorks

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Organizations are finding that their managers need to complement solid technical skills with enhanced soft skills which are often ignored by traditional development programs. Organizational leaders' ability to make informed decisions, effectively handle stress and ignite innovation rely on our capacity to be highly focused and self-aware.

In this session Nina focuses on improving productivity by using self-awareness techniques customized for busy professionals. You will discover ways to proactively manage your thoughts and feelings rather than getting overwhelmed by them. Benefits include:

  • Building superior focus and concentration
  • Increasing effectiveness in dealing with stressful situations
  • Gaining control over your thoughts and emotions

Nina Godiwalla is the CEO of MindWorks, and the bestselling author of "Suits: A Woman on Wall Street," an insider’s perspective on her experience at Morgan Stanley from the outsider’s point of view of a second-generation Indian woman. The New York Times describes her internationally acclaimed book as “The Devil Wears Prada” of investment banking.

Other Resources include:
MindWorks Resources
Harvard Business Review: How to Defuse Difficult People (video)

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Marc Miller
Marc Miller
Career Design Specialist,
Career Pivot


Repurpose Your Career: 5 Steps to Your Next Career Pivot

Whether you are a baby boomer, generation x’er or millennial, retirement like your parents' is no longer a possibility for most. Everyone will have to go through career changes or Career Pivots. This webinar focused on 5 Steps to a Career Pivot.

Step 1: Know thyself.
Step 2: Build your tribe.
Step 3: Act on facts, not assumptions.

Step 4: Learn how to network strategically.
Step 5: Learn to ask for help.

Marc Miller’s career journey included 22 years at IBM, several thriving tech startups, a painful stint as a high school teacher, a gig raising funds for the Jewish Community Association of Austin and a near fatal bicycle accident that changed his perspective forever.

Thirty years of wandering the proverbial career desert, often repeating the same mistakes over and over, taught him his most crucial lesson: most people don’t really know what makes them happy at their core or what fulfills them. They pursue money, status and a skill set, all of which provide some level of satisfaction, but not contentment. They wind up feeling frustrated and trapped. Others have figured out what they need, but don’t know how to chart a course to get there.

An active member of the Launch Pad Job Club, Marc found himself counseling friends and associates on their career journeys and finally realized he’d found his vocation. He would use his extensive training experience to help others - especially Baby Boomers - find careers that they could grow into for the decades that lie ahead.

Marc is passionate about his work and the clients he serves. He’s taught in more than 35 countries and helped clients from many industries.

 Presentation Slides

Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore
CEO, Moore Leadership

Your Striver Quotient: The Key to Thriving in the Uncomfort Zone

What you know is no longer sufficient to be successful in a world of constant change. The ability to adapt and reinvent oneself is now the most important skill a worker can possess. What you do with what you know is now the game changer.

When I ask a group of business people, “How many of you like to win?” hands shoot up quickly. When I follow up with, “Does winning require having top performers on board?” and everyone nods. Yet despite a fervent desire to win and a sense of urgency to find top performers, hiring success rates remain abysmal. Studies indicate that almost half of all new hires fail within the first 18 months!

So, where is the disconnect? Companies have become too enamored with the word "talent." Top performers are often not the most talented people in a candidate pool. What do all top performers actually have in common? They are Strivers. They rise to the occasion when everyone around them is talented. Strivers excel in today’s disruptive economy. IQ and EQ abilities are no longer enough. Thriving in today’s Uncomfort Zone requires a high Striver Quotient.

During his career at The University of Texas at Austin, Jeff's women's tennis teams won two NCAA Championships, appeared in two NCAA finals, advanced to the Final Four three times, reached the Elite Eight three times and won 18 conference titles. Jeff is a member of both the Longhorn Hall of Honor and the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame. He has been named National Coach of the Year and was Conference Coach of the Year 10 times. Jeff served as chairperson of the NCAA men's and women's tennis committee and a member of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association's Board of Directors.

Jeff is currently CEO of Moore Leadership. His Striver Quotient Solution provides high end recruiting and training solutions for companies and organizations of all types.

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Bruce Hurta
Bruce Hurta
2013 President, Houston Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders

What Makes Real Estate Eligible for SBA Government-Backed Financing?

For business owners purchasing, constructing or refinancing their owner-occupied business real estate, SBA financing provides lower down payment requirements, longer repayment terms and easier qualifying criteria than conventional bank loans. Not all commercial real estate, however, is eligible for SBA financing. The SBA loan programs are actually business loans, rather than real estate loans, so only owner-occupied small business real estate is eligible for SBA financing.

Therefore, what kinds of real estate are ineligible for SBA financing?
Find out more in this career webinar presentation with Bruce Hurta.

Bruce Hurta has extensive experience in small business lending. He served in a number of commercial lending and banking capacities in his career, including president of a Houston-area community bank. Bruce also established and managed the Houston office for a small business lending company where he specialized in SBA lending for 14 years.

Bruce spent four years as a bank examiner for the Texas Banking Department, seven years in executive management at two community banks and 18 years as a specialty SBA Lender. He is active in the commercial realtor and business brokerage communities, along with various business and industry organizations. Bruce is also the 2013 president of the Houston Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders.

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William Leake
Bill Leake, MBA '94
CEO of Apogee Results

Double Your Online Marketing ROI: Integrated Online Secrets from the Frontlines
(Stuff Your *Experts* Either Don't Know or Didn't Tell You)

Google, Facebook, Apple, Search, Social, Mobile: search engine marketing and online marketing are evolving rapidly and this turbulent world is chock full of numbers. In fact, too much data can be used to obfuscate as well as enlighten. How do you know if you're really performing and how do you increase that performance? Join Bill Leake, MBA ‘94, former McKinsey & Co. consultant, published author, Inc. 500 company builder and national speaker, on an entertaining tour of online marketing today that will cover:

- Common pitfalls and malpractice (and how to avoid them),
- Easy things you can do short term to pump up real ROI and performance,
- Signs your existing team needs a tune up, and
- Hard things you need to start thinking about doing to remain competitive moving forward.

Bill Leake is the CEO of Apogee Results and a McKinsey & Co. and Dell Computer veteran. Bill draws on a deep expertise in both business and marketing to help increase revenues for a wide range of clients. Bill has been driving provable revenues through Internet marketing techniques since the mid-1990s when, as part of the management team at Power Computing, he built the first company to sell $1 million of product over the Internet.

Bill has guided Apogee-branded marketing companies from inception to success, creating one of the 20 largest independent online marketing agencies in North America and one of the fastest growing companies on the Inc. 500 list. Apogee has been particularly instrumental in building dozens of “Internet Retailer 500,” “Software 500” and VC-backed companies, growing more Inc. 500/5000 companies than anyone else in the industry and serving top global brands like Whole Foods, IBM, SAP and Hewlett Packard.

Bill also serves as president of the Austin Interactive Marketing Association and was the chairman of  SEMPO’s (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization) North American committee. Bill speaks frequently at national and international shows, including South by Southwest Interactive,, Internet Retailer, Search Engine Strategies and ad:tech. In March 2011, Wiley Publishing released a book by Bill on integrated online marketing. Bill received an MBA with honors from The University of Texas at Austin and his B.A. from Yale University.

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Jonathan Sprinkles
Jonathan Sprinkles, BBA '99

Leadership: BE THE ONE

You will BE THE ONE who is the first to get promoted and wins the best awards. Regardless of your title or level of experience, learn how to be a Change-Maker™ your organization will fight to keep.
- How to use the psychology of motivation to get your team to work harder because they want to, not because you told them to.
- How to increase your influence regardless of your formal title.
- How to avoid burnout or performance gaps by creating a strategic plan that defines the big-picture and helps your team members understand their role in achieving it.
- The three fastest ways to bring out the best in your people, inspire their performance and create a culture of team-oriented people who thrive—in any economy.

 Webinar Recording 

Erik Qualman
Erik Qualman, MBA '99

Digital Leaders are Made, Not Born
Learn new leadership skills for the digital age to lead your best life, attract followers and leave a digital legacy that matters.

Called a Digital Dale Carnegie, Erik Qualman is the author of "Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business." He is an MBA professor at the Hult International Business School. For the past 18 years Qualman has helped grow the digital capabilities of many companies including Cadillac, EarthLink, EF Education, Yahoo, Travelzoo and AT&T. He is the founder and owner of, which PC Magazine ranks as a top 10 social media blog. He sits on the boards of Manumatix, Bazaarvoice Inc. and WannaBeeSocial. Qualman holds a BA from Michigan State University and an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.

Webinar Recording 

Amber Travis-Ballinas headshot
Amber Travis-Ballinas

Effective Networking
Gain valuable information, practical skills and insider knowledge regarding effective networking techniques! Discussion includes: discover the real goal of networking, learn the “Golden Rules” of networking, master the most effective methods to develop and nurture your network, realize that image does matter and develop an "elevator speech" that will differentiate your from the competition.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Stephen Maeker
Stephen Maeker,
Franchise Consultant for FranChoice

Is Franchising Right for Me?
This course will teach participants how to investigate getting into franchising and whether or not franchising is a good potential fit for them. Key topics of discussion include: the primary advantages of franchising (vs. opening a business yourself), types of franchises that exist, process for making a decision, defining what the perfect franchise looks like, candidate motivations and attractions, investment and economics, financing options and how to maneuver through the Franchise Disclosure Document.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Ben Bond
Ben Bond, BBA '99,
Technology Training Manager, McCombs

Tips and Tricks in PowerPoint 2010: Part 2
Back by popular demand, this is a continuation of Ben Bond’s webinar in March. Bond talks about creating flowcharts, using SmartArt for different purposes and inserting animations to make objects appear one at a time on a slide.

Note: Ben Bond will post answers to the questions he had to do a bit more research on the McCombs Office Solutions and Tips blog The MOST.

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Laura Hill
Laura Hill, BBA '75
Careers in Motion, LLC

LinkedIn: Best Practices for Today's Professional
Over 135 million professionals have LinkedIn profiles. Your customers, colleagues, competitors and your boss are probably on it, and perhaps your future employer. Your presence on LinkedIn is a key component of a personal branding strategy and managing your career. At the same time, you represent your employer and must respect their brand. At this session you will get tips on using LinkedIn and learn best practices for etiquette and branding. The session will be interactive with live examples.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Ben Bond
Ben Bond, BBA '99
Technology Training Manager, McCombs

Tips and Tricks in PowerPoint 2010
We’ll learn some design and presentation tips in PowerPoint 2010. In particular, we’ll talk about slide design, inserting videos and YouTube clips, and keyboard shortcuts to use when making your presentation. Bring your questions, because we’ll end with a Q&A session.

Ben Bond is the technology training manager of the McCombs IT group. He received his BBA in MIS from the McCombs School in 1999. Since 2006, he has worked in the McCombs IT training group, improving the tech skills of the college’s students, faculty and staff. He holds several certifications, including Certified Office Specialist and Office Certified Trainer certifications from Microsoft.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Adam Lubin
Adam Lubin,
Sr. Director of Development, JA of Southern California

Advice on Changing Your Career from Corporate to Non-profit
Adam Lubin joined Junior Achievement of Southern California in January 2009 as a director of development. During his first two years Lubin focused on broadening JASoCal’s corporate donor base into entertainment, real estate, financial services and aerospace. In addition, he manages relationships with twenty members of the board of directors. In July 2011, Lubin was promoted to senior director of development. In his new role he has added to his portfolio three fund raising committees of the board of directors focused on real estate, JA Finance Park™ and new business development.

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Darrell Gurney
Darrell Gurney, BBA ’84


"10 New Year Command-Your-Career Resolutions"
What will make this year different from last in terms of your career movement and potential? If you keep thinking and doing things the same way, chances are you’ll get more of the same in your career. Let’s shake it up! Based on his soon-to-be-released book Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest, Darrell W. Gurney will share with McCombs Alumni 10 resolutions you’ll want to take on to take your career to the next level.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Meredith Garcia
Meredith Garcia
Up a Notch Consulting


Preparing for 2012: Is Your Team Where You Want Them to Be?
Are any of your team members on autopilot, doing the same thing day in and day out? Is there something keeping them from taking initiative and being the best they can be? It's common to fall into a rut of complacency in the workplace when everything is going smoothly, but it can be the kiss of death when you have to prove your value to the organization. This webinar will introduce a “Team Needs Analysis” process you can use to complete a needs analysis of your workgroup and embrace the possibilities of what can be accomplished if you set proper expectations and hold all team members accountable.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Nancy Schill
Nancy Schill,
Executive Intelligent Coaching

Emotional Intelligence: Strengthening Leadership with Skills
The connection between successful leaders and strong emotional intelligence skills is documented through research. Effective leaders have an awareness of where they are going and a repertoire of skills to get there. They are also confident and approachable under the most stressful of circumstances. In this webinar, we will present aspects of successful leaders, as well as fundamental and common challenges of leaders. Through identification and practice, developing emotional intelligence skills will strengthen your leadership and success.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Sara Canaday
Sara Canaday, Sara Canaday & Associates

Your Leadership Brand
In this webinar, leadership and branding expert Sara Canaday will discuss these “intangible skills” (professional demeanor, emotional intelligence and non-verbal communications) that consistently determine your “leadership brand.” Canaday will share her insights on developing a powerful leadership presence and present her unique approach for strategic personal branding to help you stand out among the sea of qualified professionals.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Janis Cline
Janis Cline
Founder, Thinking Blocks Coaching Services

The Power of Clarity: Creating Goals that Move You
Most often we hold ideas for achieving goals in our minds until we have so many of them we feel overwhelmed and plagued with inaction. Creating a clear outcome for any goal can be achieved using the right set of questions and frame of mind. Once we harness the power of clarity, the “how” becomes less of an issue. This webinar teaches a clarity technique that will move you into positive and inspired action so you can play “in the zone” rather than staying stuck in the mud!

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Michael Froehls
Michael Froehls, MBA '90

Turning job loss into long-term happiness, better health and a more fulfilling career
Many people lose their job at least once during their 40+ years of working life. Many are unprepared, panic and make decisions that they might regret. Don't be one of them! Learn how to deal with today's lack of job security. Understand the limits of career advice broadcasted daily by the "Job Seeker Industrial Complex." Discover "time" as the most valuable and rarely talked about asset that you can use strategically to your advantage when facing job loss (and when employed).

Webinar Recording  Presentation Slides

Holly Green
Holly Green,
Training Specialist


Intro to Formulas and Functions in Excel
This webinar will introduce you to using formulas and functions in Excel. We will cover: using cell references, copying formulas and functions, using functions like SUM and CONCATENATE and learning more functions.

Holly Green graduated from The University of Texas in 2002 with a degree in studio art, concentrating in ceramics. Naturally, this led to a career in computers. She has been a member of the Technology Training Team in the McCombs School since July 2004. Green has earned a Microsoft Office Master certification. She teaches classes on the Microsoft Office programs and blogs about them on the MOST.

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Darrell Gurney
Darrell Gurney, BBA ’84


Backdoor Job Search: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest
Many folks have learned the hard way that job search is a different animal in this new economy. The old days of relying on a headhunter to find your next gig or practicing elementary “let-me-know-if-you-hear-of-anything” networking are gone. Applying online is not even worth mentioning.

What can you do to ensure your own job security for life? Take the management of it firmly into your own hands! Rather than resist career transition, become a master of it by learning backdoor methods of relationship building. 

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Amber Travis-Ballinas headshot
Amber Travis-Ballinas, BBA ’91


Navigating the Job Search Process
Learn valuable skills and efficient techniques to successfully navigate the job search process, such as: how to properly prepare for the job search; creating "the package"; efficient methods for sourcing the perfect job; techniques to manage the job search process; effectively utilizing references and recommendations; and discovering the magic formula for securing the position you desire.

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Laura Hill
Laura Hill


Get Paid What You Are Worth: Negotiating Job Offers and Asking for Raises
Think you might be underpaid? Don’t know how to respond when asked the dreaded question about your salary requirements on an interview? Every professional and aspiring executive can benefit from learning basic techniques for negotiating compensation when taking a new job or asking for a raise.

Laura Hill, BBA '75, is founder of Careers in Motion LLC, a career coaching firm that works with business professionals and executives. Her expertise includes career strategy, personal branding, resume development, job search, interviewing skills and negotiations. She has been a featured expert on career topics for The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Laura Gassner Otting
Laura Gassner Otting

Heather Krasna
Heather Krasna


Transitioning to the Nonprofit and Public Sectors
The nonprofit and public sectors have increasingly become a place where business thinking and innovation are sought. Professionals looking to shift careers, reenter the workforce or reprioritize rather than just retire should consider the challenge, inspiration and commitment that a nonprofit sector career might allow. This presentation will help you assess if you should consider a transition into the nonprofit or public sectors.

Laura Gassner Otting founded the Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group in 2002. Prior to forming the group, she help build the start-up, a leading website for mid- to senior-level nonprofit job postings.

Heather Krasna, MS, is director of candidate services for the Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group and the author of "Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service" (Jist Publishers, 2010).

Webinar Audio Recording Presentation Slides

Due to technical issues, we only have the audio recording available for this webinar. The presentation slides are available to accompany the recording. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Ben Bond
Ben Bond, BBA '99
Technology Training Manager, McCombs


Tips and Tricks in Outlook 2007
How much time do you spend using Outlook 2007? Learn helpful tips and tricks to leverage the features in Outlook 2007, manage your mailbox more effectively and reduce the amount of time spent processing your email.

Ben Bond is the technology training manager for the McCombs School. He is a certified Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 specialist master and Microsoft Office instructor. He holds a BBA from the McCombs School. 

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Visit the Most for tips from Bond and fellow members of the McCombs Technology Training Team, including how to schedule Outlook emails to delete.

Donna Fox
Donna Fox, MBA


How to be a Leader ... BEFORE You Become the CEO
Leadership outside the c-suite is critical to a company’s success--and to the development of your career. Learn the five key steps you can take now to develop as a leader. This fast-paced webinar will give you “homework” you can use to step up and make the most of 2011!

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Mike Rinehart
Mike Rinehart

How Can I Have a Stress Free Holiday Season?
Join Mike Rinehart, BBA ’77, JD ’80, and his coaching partner Carolyn Marsalis to learn how to forgive anyone for anything, be grateful, grieve, complete the old year and create the new year.

Rinehart, founder of Your Beyond, has over 12 years of experience as a life coach. He coaches for the love of helping you get from where you are to where you want to be--your beyond. Rinehart's strengths are his complete belief in you, his diverse background and his ability to see both inside and outside of the box.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Mike Rinehart
Mike Rinehart


The Keys to Happiness and Success: A Mathematical Equation
Is it possible to be on top of your game regardless of what might be going on around you or happening to you--even when everyone else is panicked, worried or stressed out? Highly successful people have the ability to be focused, creative and effective even in the face of chaos, crisis and drama all around them. In this webinar, Mike Rinehart, BBA ’77, JD ’80, will share with you their secret and, more importantly, train you to be a master as well.

Rinehart, founder of Your Beyond, has over 12 years of experience as a life coach. He coaches for the love of helping you get from where you are to where you want to be--your beyond. Rinehart’s strengths are his complete belief in you, his diverse background and his ability to see both inside and outside of the box.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Gail Hurt
Gail Hurt

Keeping Your Career Sizzling Without a Flame-Out
Today's rapidly evolving workplace, where change is certain and often, creates demands unheard of even just a few years ago. We are expected to do more with less, and rapidly adapt to changing technology and business environments. How can we stoke the fires of career success while preventing dramatic flame-outs? This webinar teaches a five step process to identify the obstacles and challenges you face and how to overcome them. You will learn strategies for balancing your high energy output with energy renewal techniques that will create and maintain your sizzling career.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Tim Tow
Tim Tow

Career Shifting
Learning to shift your career effectively is critical for survival in today's job market. In this webinar by Tim Tow, MBA ’04, you will learn the key skills to cultivate, the best ways to position your existing experience and the essential traits that successful career shifters possess. Shifting careers has actually become the new norm, so whether you are looking to try something different, transition into a new industry, enter or re-enter the job market or change your discipline, this webinar will put you on the right track to successfully shift your career.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Jonathan Sprinles
Jonathan Sprinkles

The Power of Persuasion: Secrets of Influencing and Motivating People
Sprinkles Back by popular demand, award-winning professional speaker and author Jonathan Sprinkles, BBA ‘99, once again shares his top secrets of motivating and persuading people so you get what you want, when you need it most. Using strategies that have gotten him featured on TV, radio and in magazines, Jonathan teaches you how you can immediately move people to action. He shows you how to thoroughly impress and win over an audience during your next presentation or one-on-one negotiation. If your career is dependent upon your ability to influence your coworkers, clients or customers, you don’t want to miss out on this exclusive event.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Neena Newberry
Neena Newberry

How To Get The Visibility You Want
This webinar will teach you how to tastefully promote yourself and highlight your contributions to your company. Specifically, you will learn how you might be getting in your own way and how to reframe the concept of self-promotion. Lastly, Neena shares actionable self-promotion strategies to help you get the visibility you want, in a way that works for you.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Amber Travis-Ballinas headshot
Amber Travis-Ballinas

Tips & Tactics for Career Success
As a follow-up to the "Acing the Employment Interview Process" and “Win-Win Negotiations” webinars held in April and May, Amber shares valuable information about best practices and effective strategies for success in the work place. Discover how to be a "24 hours a day, 7 days per week professional" and understand the formula for becoming a “star employee.” Also learn strategies and tactics for career advancement on the "fast track" and master the game of office politics.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Amber Travis-Ballinas headshot
Amber Travis-Ballinas

Win-Win Negotiations
Discover how to utilize power and influence people in the process of negotiation and acquire skills and techniques to negotiate successfully. Learn effective strategies for negotiating a higher compensation and benefits package and realize the common mistakes to avoid in negotiating. The “golden rules” and tips shared in this webinar will leave you feeling prepared and confident when it comes time to negotiate compensation and benefits after you ace that employment interview (also see webinar below).

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Amber Travis-Ballinas headshot
Amber Travis-Ballinas

Acing the Interviewing Process
Gain valuable information, practical skills and insider knowledge through this career webinar led by career coach Amber Travis-Ballinas, BBA '91. You will 1) discover how to "wow" the interviewer and differentiate yourself from the competition, 2) acquire skills and techniques to manage the four steps of the interviewing process, 3) learn how to master the 10 most frequently asked interview questions, and 4) understand the top 10 "Dos and Don'ts" of interviewing and practical techniques to successfully navigate the employment interview process.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Amy Wittmayer
Amy Wittmayer

Beyond the Business Card: A Networking Approach
What is your networking goal? Do you feel your networking efforts are effective and adequate? Does networking feel insincere at times? View a webinar from March 16 with career coach and McCombs alumna Amy Wittmayer, MBA '04, to challenge your overall view of networking and offer tactics to make your networking efforts more sincere and effective.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Laura Hill
Laura Hill

Developing Your Personal Brand
The most successful professionals and executives have distinctive brands–they are known to others for certain things that matter in their field. Whatever your career goals or job status, you can benefit from being proactive in shaping your reputation and building your brand. Through this webinar you will learn about personal branding and why it matters. Specific topics will include: defining your personal brand, conveying your brand in words, making visual impact and your online presence and social networking tools.

Webinar Recording Presentation Slides

Jonathan Sprinles
Jonathan Sprinkles

The Power of Persuasion: Secrets of Influencing and Motivating People
Award-winning professional speaker and author Jonathan Sprinkles, BBA '99, shares with alumni his top secrets of motivating and persuading people. Listen to this webinar to learn how to immediately move others to action and how to thoroughly impress an audience during presentations or one-on-one negotiations. Sprinkles also shares seven subtle words that persuade people without them knowing it and discusses tactics of arranging words so people assume you're right.

Webinar Recording

Amy Wittmayer
Amy Wittmayer

Genuine Networking
On May 19 Amy Wittmayer, MBA ’04, led the networking workshop "Genuine Networking" at the UT Club. Wittmayer challenges the notion that networking is a "fake exercise" and illustrates that it provides the opportunity for mutual benefit among involved parties.


Laura Hill
Laura Hill

Job Search Techniques: Best Practices for Today’s Market
On April 14 Career Coach Laura Hill, BBA ’75, held the teleseminar “Job Search Techniques: Best Practices for Today’s Market” for over 75 alumni. View this presentation to learn how to improve the effectiveness of your resume and develop a personal elevator pitch. She also touches on the power of using examples in interviews and some basic principles of salary negotiation. “Listening to the seminar was time well spent. Laura Hill speaks like a coach—not like a recruiter—and gives valuable advice for this super-competitive job market,” said teleseminar attendee, John Brownrigg, MBA ’84.

Presentation Slides

Darrell Gurney
Darrell Gurney

Surefire Ways to Recession-Proof Your Career
On March 3, Darrell Gurney, BBA ’84, certified career management coach and founder of hosted more than 130 McCombs alumni in his “Surefire Ways to Recession-Proof Your Career” teleseminar. Download this study guide and learn how to get out and meet people, present yourself in a memorable fashion to become top of mind with those you network with and to maintain the relationships after the networking event is over. “It’s not who you know, it’s who you actually talk to,” advises Darrell, regarding relationships and networking.

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Services from BBA/MPA Alumni

Laura HillLaura S. Hill, BBA ’74, is available for personal career counseling for McCombs BBA alumni through Careers In Motion, LLC. McCombs BBA alumni receive special discounts, which include their first 30 minutes free and additional services at a 10 percent discount. Contact her via email at


Darrell GurneyDarrell W. Gurney, BBA ’84 (summa cum laude), supports forward-thinking leaders to know themselves in new ways and to transform that knowledge into personal branding that opens doors. He promotes a proven system of relationship management which has people create backdoor connections offering a world of new possibilities—for industry growth, entrepreneurial venturing, or complete career change. Recognized as an Outstanding Business School Student at McCombs, he brings that same outstanding commitment to every individual he supports. He offers McCombs BBA alumni the first 30 minutes free and additional services at a 10 percent discount. Contact him via email at

Amber Travis-Ballinas headshotAmber Travis-Ballinas, BBA ’91, is a career and image consultant, university lecturer, and small business owner. She is available to McCombs alumni through her company, Career Creators, an innovative consulting firm specializing in career and image consulting. Amber uses her subject matter expertise and real-world experience to provide her clients with practical and relevant information and guidance in developing the strategies, actions, and behaviors necessary for success in the hyper-competitive job market. McCombs alumni receive a complimentary 30 minute in-person consultation and a 33 percent discount on regular consulting fees. For further details, visit Career Creators or contact her via email at

Services from MBA Alumni

Michael FroehlsMichael A. Froehls, MBA ‘90 (Dean’s List), Ph.D. (University of Trier), is an independent management consultant, book author (, university guest lecturer, and former global executive who has worked, lived, and traveled to over 50 countries. He is not your traditional career coach. Michael offers personalized one-on-one strategic consultation sessions to those who are facing important decisions affecting both their professional and personal life. His specialty is brainstorming, analyzing, and structuring available strategic options based on expected benefits and risks, holistically taking all relevant factors into account (e.g., your personal goals, financial situation, health, family, age, state of the economy). Sample topics are: leveraging upcoming or recent job loss; using sabbaticals to rejuvenate and recreate your life; exploring relocation, further education or alternative careers; optimizing the trade-off between work and relationships/family. UT alumni receive a 20 percent discount. Contact him via email at

Neena NewberryNeena Newberry, MBA ’92, works with motivated senior leaders and managers to improve their effectiveness. As an executive coach, she serves as a "thought partner" with her clients to clarify their priorities or goals, better leverage their strengths, keep their developmental areas from becoming barriers to their success, work through specific business challenges and take action. Neena also specializes in working with women in dual career families. She offers McCombs MBA alumni the first 30 minutes free and additional services at a 10 percent discount. Visit her at Newberry Executive Solutions or contact her via email at

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Alumni Directory

The Alumni Directory allows you to reach out to more than 88,000 alumni in your network. Use your UT EID to access the directory and search by alumni name, graduation year, location, employer, position, industry, and more. Remember to update your profile to ensure you stay connected!

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Learn the latest McCombs news and read or submit class notes on McCombs Today. Visit Texas Enterprise for "big ideas in business" from across the university.

Texas Exes Association

Join Texas Exes to network, socialize, watch Longhorn sporting events, and support the university. Membership benefits include opportunities for networking, career development, member discounts, and university resources. Privileges include access to online UT Libraries, discounts on continuing education courses, the award-winning Alcalde alumni magazine, vendor discounts, and an invitation to the biggest tailgate in Texas before each home football game. Learn more.

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Being a part of the Business Honors community is a legacy that extends well beyond graduation day. Learn more about the unique opportunities available to BHP alumni through the Business Honors Program Office.

MSTC Alumni Association

A number of exclusive resources are available for McCombs MSTC alumni, including special events and local chapters. Learn more.

Texas Executive Education

Uncertain economic times create pressure for you and your business to come up with the right answers and strategies for success. Texas Executive Education's training and development programs are designed to help you achieve results and manage change in a complex business environment.

All classes are held at the new AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center. McCombs alumni receive a 10% discount on any of the Executive Education public programs offered.

Visit Texas Executive Education to learn more about their offerings for open enrollment, custom programs and project management.

Spotlight: MBA Focus

McCombs has partnered with MBA Focus, a firm that connects elite global MBA students and alumni with the world's leading corporations.  Market yourself to thousands of potential employers in a new way and at no cost.

Using their new Alumni Resume Database, you can post your full resume and a streamlined profile online, conveying your work experiences and preferences to top recruiters around the world looking to hire McCombs alumni.

Visit MBA Focus or learn more.

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AccessUT is an online job posting system. Postings are accessible to the entire alumni and student community of The University of Texas at Austin. Search by location, job type, and experience level.

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Alumni are welcome to use the Perry-Castañeda Library for research or the physical resources in the career services office.

Texas ePronet

Through Texas ePronet, you can gain access to thousands of jobs from employers and alumni targeted to The University of Texas at Austin. This service offers search agent capabilities where you can choose to receive emails based upon your job preferences.

Sanger Learning & Career Center

The Sanger Learning & Career Center offers library access and counseling services to alumni who graduated within the last 12 months. They offer assistance for recent graduates who are unsure about what career direction to pursue.

External Resources

Business Development Academy

The Business Development Academy runs many seminars on disciplines of interest to the business development community. These disciplines include leadership lessons, financial projections, behavioral economics, intellectual property, competitive intelligence, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, game theory, strategic planning, and much more. McCombs School Alumni receive a $75 discount.


CareerLeader is a web-based self-assessment test specifically designed for MBA graduates to give you insight into your skills, aptitudes, and interests. CareerLeader has also proven helpful for BBA graduates with experience and for MPA graduates reconsidering their professional direction. Used by all the top 20 MBA programs, CareerLeader is the best instrument available to help business graduates clarify their career goals. CareerLeader can be taken twice in one year when you purchase a password.

Forté Foundation

Forté Foundation is a consortium of 27 leading multinational corporations, 37 top business schools in the U.S. and abroad, and the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC). Forté has become a powerful change agent directing women toward leadership roles in business and enabling corporations to more effectively reach and retain top female talent. It is the only organization that provides a national infrastructure for women at all stages of the career continuum to access the information, scholarship support, and networking connections they need to succeed in business careers.

Gerson Lehrman Group

The Gerson Lehrman Group unites industry experts from accounting and financial analysis, consumer goods and services, and financial and business services for paid consulting interactions and speaking engagements. If you are a current or retired executive who is interested in consulting with the world’s top investment firms, consultancies, and corporations, please visit the Gerson Lehrman Group to learn more or contact Stephanie McNeill.

MBA Focus

Through MBA Focus, market yourself to thousands of potential employers in a new way and at no cost. McCombs has partnered with MBA Focus, a firm that connects elite global MBA students and alumni with the world's leading corporations. Using their Alumni Resume Database, you will be able to put your full resume and a streamlined profile online, conveying your work experiences and preferences to top recruiters around the world looking to hire McCombs alumni.


RiseSmart makes online $100k+ job search more efficient by delivering prescreened job opportunities through technology that acts as a human account manager—the RiseSmart Concierge. RiseSmart offers special pricing for McCombs students and alumni. Learn more. provides online job search resources and content for the $100k+ job seeker. The basic service comes with the opportunity to browse through job listings and apply.


With Vault, you can research companies, industries of interest, and more. Search the Vault Job Board and interact with others of same interest on message boards. Some access is limited to subscription only.

Wall Street Journal Careers

Visit Wall Street Journal Careers for articles, salary comparisons, a job listings search, and career advice.