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  • Notebooks - Notebook issues are handled by the SWAT Shop.
  • Jobs - If you are interested in working in the Millennium Lab, please fill out a job application. The fall semester is typically our largest hiring semester for lab proctors. We also bring on some new lab proctors for the spring semester.
  • Lost and Found - All lost and found items are taken to the Dean's office (GSB 2.104) on the second floor weekly. You may also come to the Millennium Lab for lost and found items. If an item is found with identifying information, the student will be emailed regarding the item at his/her McCombs email account.
  • I forgot my password or need it reset.
  • For non-lab questions or issues, please visit the technical support website. You can also find lots of information on different McCombs technology topics using the McCombs Tech Wiki.


UT Print

As of August 29, 2012, a new printing solution has been implemented in the McCombs computer labs and sites across campus. UT Print is a convenient way to print documents when you need them.

Please Note:  Printing for McCombs students is no longer subsidized. Students will need to make sure funds are available in their Bevo Bucks account.

Millennium Lab (CBA 5.322) Printing

There are 3 UT Print printers in the Millennium Lab.  A color and black and white printer are located in the front of the lab near the columns on each side of the lab proctor station.  Another black and white printer is located on the opposite side of the lab proctor station near the column.  Information and instructions for usage, along with contact information, are located near each printer.

UT Print Printer Features

UT Print is capable of printing 8.5 x 11 plain paper documents as well as copying documents and scanning to email.


Installing ITS Printing Software

The McCombs Tech Wiki is a wonderful source of technology-related information pertaining to McCombs. 

More Information on New ITS Printing Solution

Visit Student Printing for more information on new printing solution including how to use the printing software, costs of printing, where the printers are located in the business school, seeking help with the printers, and installing its printer software.

Uninstalling Prior Printing Software

Visit Uninstall Printing Software for information on how to uninstall printers that were installed between June 3, 2010 and August 29, 2012.

McCombs MSB Account

Help! I can't remember my msb account number!

You have a couple of options here. Visit the lab proctor station in the Millennium Lab and you can either look up your msb number using the password reset module (just don't reset your password if you already know it!), the Outlook GAL (Global Address List) or the McCombs Account Lookup Module.

If you believe you may have a corrupt profile or any other profile issues, please let a lab proctor know so that a lab supervisor can be contacted or email lab supervisors to assist you.


How do I configure MS Outlook to access my Mccombs email from home?

Visit the McCombs Tech Wiki article Access email off campus for information on this topic.

How do I access my Mccombs email online through a web browser?

Outlook Web Access info is available on the McCombs Tech Wiki.

How do I forward my UT email to my BUS email account?

You can forward your UT email to any account you'd like. Just visit the UMBS Email Forwarding page.

I am graduating. How do I set up Lifetime email Forwarding?

Visit the McCombs Tech Wiki article on Lifetime Email Forwarding.

How do I troubleshoot the size of my mailbox?

Visit the McCombs Tech Wiki article on Mailbox Size. After reading this, visit the article on Mailbox Cleanup in order to free up space.

Other problems

Business school email account questions should be directed to Any other problems with email accounts should be directed to ITS.


Where can I find training on or assistance with the lab software?

You can find assistance and training on all Microsoft Office applications and software in the Common Operating Environment by visiting our Training Team website or by contacting the Training Team. Training classes are offered by user group requiring the training. "How Do I... ?" questions can be answered via email, in person (GSB 3.129) , or over the phone (512-232-6693). If you require assistance using Visual Basic (MIS 304, MIS 325, MIS 333K students), you will find VB.NET proctors stationed in the Millennium Lab throughout the weekdays. Just look for the VB.NET signs on top of the monitor. A VB.NET proctor sign in sheet is maintained at the lab proctor station, so you can also check there to see if a VB.NET proctor is currently on duty in the lab.

What software is on the machines in the labs (Common Operating Environment or COE)?

Other Facilities

The Media Lab, open to all business students, is located in UTC 1.110. This facility has capabilities for digitizing and editing video, burning DVDs and CDs and a broad array of other applications and uses. This lab is open to McCombs students, faculty and staff.

The EDS Financial Trading and Technology Center (FTTC) Lab located in GSB 3.120 has 39 workstations and provides real-time data feeds from Bloomberg, FactSet, Reuters and StockVal. The lab is available for general use and used as a reservation facility. This facility is open to McCombs students, faculty and staff.

The ITS Digital Media Lab is located in GSB 2.130 (behind the Dean's Office). This facility has Mac and PC workstations, digital media software and associated peripherals. The Digital Media Lab is open to all UT students.

Business School Maps

Campus Maps

Other Issues

If you still need to contact us about something, you have a few options:

  • Come to the Millennium Lab (CBA 5.332) and speak with a Lab Proctor. Lab hours can be accessed here.
  • Send an e-mail to the Lab Supervisors. Please be very specific about any problems/issues in your email correspondence.